1869 Cutty Sark Model Ship

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The 1869 Cutty Sark model ship is a beautiful replica of a historic craft. A great piece of nautical history and example of the British clipper ship. Originally built to transport tea from China to Britain, the Cutty Sark was one of the fastest of its kind. Unfortunately, its life was short lived with the introduction of steam-powered ships. Moby Dick model ships make great conversation starters. Each one is a representation of a real vessel. The 1869 Cutty Sark wooden model ship is especially aesthetic; three masts, with five separate, canvas sails, make this replica an impressive display of the craftsmanship of shipbuilders in the 19th century. This stunning model of the 1869 Cutty Sark ship stands at 17" tall, 21" long and 4" wide. It only weighs 4 pounds, making it light enough to reside even on a floating shelf. This wooden model ship can transform that empty space on a shelf or desk into an incredible glimpse at the storied history of shipbuilding and model ship crafting.

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Size 17H x 21L x 4W
Brand Moby Dick


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