Authentic Nautical Style by Nantucket Brand
Authentic nautical style, 30 miles from ordinary

We produce the most authentic nautical style for him, her and home. Founded in 2005 by a Nantucket native, every item we produce is inspired by generations on Nantucket and fits our vision of the Nantucket lifestyle; doing things your own way with casually sophisticated style. We produce our own clothing in small batches. Additionally, we partner with brands we love, offering selections of home decor and nautical gift items. We have two retail stores and an office on Nantucket Island, MA as well as an office in San Francisco, CA.

Our Origins
John Maury, the founder's grandfather

The Nantucket lifestyle doesn't mean layers of popped collars. It rarely mean suits and ties. And it certainly doesn't mean tees that scream "Nantucket" in big bold letters.

Our apparel is for those who care about the details, those who prefer to take the long way just for the chance of a great story. When we design our clothing, we choose our-way over the easy-way.

Nantucket Island sits about 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, MA. There are no bridges or tunnels. The only way on or off the island is by boat or plane. There are no stoplights, no McDonald's, and no malls. The entire island is an historic district. Nearly all houses are shingled. Downtown streets are paved with cobblestones. Walk far enough in any direction, and you'll end up on a postcard worthy beach. Wander

inland and you'll find yourself in the middle of acres and acres of conservation land and cranberry bogs.

There tends to be a strong independent spirit among Nantucketers-both visitors and residents alike. Today, the island is often ranked as one of the best islands in the world, but still proudly consists of mostly small, independent businesses. You'll find amazing restaurants, unique artwork, exquisite yet rustic homes, and great shopping.

Everything on Nantucket seems to look just right - never out of place, but never boring. The details are never forgotten. Things are done a little differently and independently. This is what we try to incorporate with every piece of our apparel and every one of our partner offerings. Nantucket Brand is not so much about a place but about a lifestyle.

The Emporium of Nantucket
Our Past

I was born and raised on Nantucket, as a 2nd generation native. After high school, I lived "off-island" for my first time when I attended Boston College. After graduating, I moved across the country to San Francisco. Although I loved Boston and San Francisco, I always felt that something was missing: the 'Nantucket lifestyle' that I had grown up with. In 2005, I started Nantucket Brand with the mission of bringing my vision of the 'Nantucket lifestyle' well-beyond the island.

Although I had no experience in the apparel industry, I soon had a few boxes of great men's and women's polo shirts in my apartment. They featured my self-design whale-and-compass logo embroidered on the left chest and they didn't last long. I still see some of those original shirts around from time-to-time.

Soon after the first run of polos, my parents, Larry and Michelle, and brothers, joined the business. We developed a full line of apparel for men and women and opened our first store at 33 Main Street on Nantucket. This actually marked a return to the downtown retail business for my dad. His father, John Maury, moved to the island after graduating from Cornell University, and purchased The Emporium of Nantucket from a local shopkeeper in 1944. For years, he ran the store along with my grandmother, Terry (who also founded the real estate brokerage that is now The Maury People). My dad started managing the business

while still in high school and continued running it until 1988, when the business was closed.

When we opened the Nantucket Brand store, my dad looked up some of his old contacts from nearly 20 years ago. Soon, we had a whole section of nautical decor and gift items similar to what the Emporium of Nantucket carried years ago.

As both the clothing and apparel business continued to grow, we opened a new store dedicated to the Emporium items in 2010 at 10 Federal Street. The next year, we found a much larger space for the Emporium, at 54 Old South Road, where it still sits today. At the same time, the Nantucket Brand store moved over to 10 Federal Street, where it’s now located.

Our brick-and-mortar stores dominated our time and efforts for much of our early years. However, I felt Nantucket Brand wasn't doing enough in our mission to bring the 'Nantucket lifestyle' beyond the island. Since 2011, I've dedicated my time to constantly improving our e-commerce site and our products. Although the progress isn't always as fast we'd like, we've got an ultimate vision in mind and are working towards that goal every day.

We do a lot of things well, and we're always striving to do more.

"Nantucket Brand looks to bring a sense of the island style to everyday life. Relaxed, casual and comfortable..."

"Bring a little bit of Nantucket to your hometown!"

"...this dress is beautiful. This isn’t your normal seersucker shift dress...this dress [has] the softest feel and is super comfortable."

"Nantucket Brand, Great Customer Service & A Good Polo"

"...a great, classic piece for anyone's wardrobe."
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"...great communication and immediately shipped out my skirt and belt."

"Simple and well-made, functional, pragmatically stylish, and it works with a variety of outfits in different seasons."

Our Present & Future

We're working to make our site as easy to navigate as finding a beach on Nantucket and as fast as the wind in your sails We're collecting more photos and more interesting stories to share the details and thought that we put into each garment. And as always, we strive to provide excellent customer service should you unexpectedly hit any rough seas.

We've already begun moving our apparel production to the United States and plan to move to full domestic production this year. Classic American-lifestyle apparel should be made in America. 'Made in the USA' ensures the best quality, ethical production, and faster production times. Plus, we feel it's the right thing to do.

We still have an office on Nantucket, along with our retail store. However, our main office is now located in San Francisco. It’s not that I don’t love Nantucket - I spend as much time as possible on the island - but have found San Francisco gives us the best chance to work directly with our factories and designers while still enjoying the Nantucket lifestyle we love.

At the Nantucket Brand Clothing Company, we’re continuing to produce uniquely detailed clothing to style your journeys. Casual distinction, 30 miles from ordinary.

Set sail with us today,

Andrew Maury
Founder & President