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More About Men's Boxers | Men's Underwear & Elastic Waist Boxer Shorts

Fashion may be all about how good you look, but confidence is all about how good you feel. What you wear beneath your clothes makes all the difference, and our Nantucket Brand boxer shorts are designed to make you feel great, no matter what you're wearing on top. Made from 100% cotton fabric, our boxer shorts come in a variety of plaid, checked, and striped patterns in crisp and cool cotton fabrics with elastic waistbands that offer ultimate comfort from day to night. As the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, our boxer shorts will look good and feel just right beneath any of our pants or shorts. Take your pick of a variety of colorful patterns with traditional elastic waists or logo embroidered knit waistbands, all of which feature our signature whale and compass logo on the thigh.