3 Best Rope Knots [Infographic]

Knowing the right rope knots in the right situations is like having a swiss army knife in your mind. Rope knots have been used to save lives, tow things, and are essential for sailing and climbing. If you do anything in the outdoors there are a few essential knots you will be glad you know. The following rope knots infographic illustrates three essential knots alongside three essential ways to learn them.

Helpful Items to Help Learn Rope Knots

There are two items carried in the Emporium shown in the infographic that are fun and helpful for prompting your mind to keep knowing your knots. The items are the Knot Board with Clock, Hygrometer, and Thermometer and the Large Knot Board. Both of these contain essential knots to know while also being great for entryway decor or other places in the house. They look great alone or with other nautical artwork or nautical accents. Enjoy the rope knots infographic!

Note: When you click on the image it will open in a new window. Click on it again to magnify and get a better view.

3 Essential Rope Knots and 3 Easy Ways to Learn Them [Infographic]
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