What Sets Our Seersucker Shorts Apart?

The Best Seersucker Shorts?

seersuckershorts_webOur seersucker shorts are consistently among our most popular items and we believe we make the best seersucker shorts around. This is testament both to the timeless, classic style of seersucker as a summer style, as well as the quality of our product. 

We take everything into account when making our shorts, starting with 100% cotton seersucker fabric. Many seersucker fabrics are a cotton/poly blend, which makes them less breathable - one of seersucker's best qualities. No matter the color or print, we always make sure to use 100% cotton seersucker in our shorts.

Our shorts come in our Whaler Short fit. This fit has evolved over the years at we've developed a superior fitting short. They're far from baggy - we hate the droop seen in most shorts - but they aren't too tight either. Our shorts have a 9" inseam, which puts them just above the knee. We're not keen on showing too much thigh, but certainly don't want them hitting the knee either.

We've chosen a nylon zipper in order to keep these shorts as lightweight possible. The white color of the zippers and button keeps them hidden from view as well. Our back left pocket features a hook and loop button for added style and to ensure your wallet doesn't slip our.

We produce our shorts in the USA because we've found that's the best way to ensure the highest quality product. Our shorts are produced in small runs, which allows us to keep an eye on everything along the production process.

We believe we make the best seersucker shorts around. Currently, we have two styles available: classic blue and white striped seersucker, and a blue gingham check seersucker. We'd love for you to give them a try.

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