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Beyond Our Shores

Occastionally, things happen off Nantucket that we think you might like to know more about. Read about events beyond the shores of Nantucket here.

  • Summer Traditions in Beach Towns

    Article graphicSummerTraditions

    Quirky, unique charm is one of the best reasons we all love visiting (or living in) resort towns. From vacation havens to summer pilgrimages, getting to our favorite ‘home away from home’ is a great way to see what America is really all about at its core.

    What really distinguishes these towns is the traditions and customs they each carry. Check out these three great examples of some fun traditions a few small towns offer visitors and residents.

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  • Beyond our Shores: Wintertime in Annapolis

    Written by Jenn Specketer

    Guest blogger, Jenn Specketer, writes on topics such as beauty, style, food and travel in her unique blog, Jenn Inspired. Driven to write as a creative outlet and means of expressing her life, Jenn's blog can accurately be described as a "lifestyle diary," offering inspiration and authenticity. 
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  • What are Nautical Flags?

    What are Nautical Flags?In movies, it is pretty common to see a pirate ship with a particular skull bearing black flag indicating that it is in fact, a pirate ship. It may seem like a bad idea considering the fact that pirates were the outlaws of the sea, but the representation is pretty close to reality. Flags have never lost their importance in maritime communication; not even pirates have challenged their significance.

    To date, ships from across the world use flags for various purpose such as identifying themselves and for communication. These flags are commonly known as nautical flags.

    In the Shop: Customize your own nautical flag quilted banners

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  • 11 Best Ski Resorts in North America for 2015

    Top 11 Ski Resorts in North AmericaSki season is upon us again. Although some resorts haven't had a great start to the season, there are over 3 months left for fresh tracks, goggle tans, and après ski festivities. At first glance, skiing may not seem to fit our "nautically inspired" motif, but we've given it a lot of thought and determined that skiing indeed is part of a nautically inspired life so that debate is settled.

    Related: Shop our full collection of vintage ski signs by folk-artist Charles Jerred

    Now, to really cause some debate, I'm going to present you with my top 11 ski resorts in North America. We could have picked 10. We could have chosen from the United States, the northern hemisphere, or the whole world. We didn't.

    I've chosen these based on the overall criteria of how much I enjoy the resort. In the case of few, I'm basing it on how much I think I'd enjoy the resort because I haven't yet visited. My enjoyment typically depends on the terrain and snow conditions primarily. Other factors include the crowds, lift speed, après ski scene, the town, and the people. Beginner areas are a non-factor as are ski-through Starbucks. With that in mind, it's on to our 11 best ski resorts in North America.

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  • Teaching Kids to Sail

    This article was contributed by, where you can find a wide range of sailing advice and the best deals on discounted bareboat charters.

    There’s no doubt about it- sharing the pleasures of sailing with your children is an incredible opportunity for family bonding. Simply the idea of spending the day (or overnight!) on a boat can be a thrill for kids of any age; when they’re young they can just enjoy the views and sea breeze along with everyone else. As they get a bit older the real fun begins; they can learn how to actually sail the boat. Continue reading

  • April's Lessons: Life with an Ex-Racehorse

    I grew up with horses. Thex-racehorseey have always been a part of my life. As a small child, I rode western because it's what my parents did, and it's all I knew. I was familiar with quarter horses, appaloosas, arabians and Tennessee walkers. My father was in the army so we moved every three or four years. I rode whatever horses were around. I was ten when we moved to Oahu, Hawaii and my world changed forever. It was there that I discovered English riding, more specifically the sport of eventing. The horses I rode in Hawaii were a motley bunch-- bored school horses with questionable heritage and a surly attitude, but they jumped! Continue reading

  • A Tribute to the Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    Tribute to the Jeep Grand WagoneerAn absolute legend of a high-end 4x4, a hugely influential and long-lasting progenitor of the modern-day sports-utility vehicle, and a smooth, spacious ride with an imposing grill and unmistakable faux-wood paneling -- the Jeep Grand Wagoneer may have ended production better than two decades ago, but it still boasts legions of loyal fans. Stylish yet rugged, it defined the luxury SUV market before it officially existed -- and hasn't ever been eclipsed for sheer character. Continue reading

  • Joe Dimaggio: My first interview

    English: New York Yankees slugger during the a...

    This is a guest post from writer Martin Z.

    “Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?
    A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
    What's that you say, Mrs. Robinson
    Joltin' Joe has left and gone away
    (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)”

    Simon & Garfunkel
    1968 song “Mrs. Robinson”

    Singer-songwriter Paul Simon wrote the stanza in "Mrs. Robinson" as a tribute to Joe DiMaggio’s quiet heroism and unpretentious nature. Simon admired DiMaggio. So did I.

    Like Simon, I was raised in the New York City area. In the 1970s, when I was a kid, DiMaggio was simultaneously a ubiquitous presence and the mysterious icon who was worshipped by baseball fans.

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  • Five Best Classic Beach Cars

    Sandy Beach with Tire Tracks and Words Five Best Classic Beach CarsWhen you say beach to most people, they conjure up visions of lazing on a towel and catching some rays. However, there is a devoted group of fans that think of great days spent speeding along the sand in their favorite beach car. Once you've stood up and felt the salt spray whipping around while enjoying the dunes on one side and the water on the other, you run the risk of becoming one of those fans.

    Five Best Classic Beach Cars

    If you live in an area where you can't actually drive on the beach, but you spend a lot of days enjoying it, there are also great cars to make that journey more enjoyable. Some even feel that God made the beach just so there would be a place to drive their favorite beach car. Here are five best classic beach cars for cruising the waterline: Continue reading

  • Bring New Life to Old Sails, Top Best Uses

    Old Sails New Life

    Know that old sail lying around that's hard to part with? It won't do much good on your boat but with the right elbow grease you can repurpose an old sail to good use. Here are some interesting and useful ideas for adding new life to old sails. For more ideas check out our Pinterest Board on the same topic.

    Use as a Removable Deck Sun Shade


    The sun can get pretty hot in the summer especially on a south facing deck. Want to hang out without getting scalloped? Just add shade with your old sail. It is easier than you think, has more character than most shades, and is portable. There are already three points to attach rope or a secure line of your choice. Here are the steps with a PDF from Instructables. Want to show off your new shade? Have a sailing themed party! The shade will fit perfectly alongside other nautical decor.




    Sail Beach Tote or Duffel Bag

    A good tote bag for the beach is worth it's weight in sand. Seriously, the ever worthy beach tote or duffel bag is always useful. As a project for your old sail it is an easy one. Plus you can use old rope hanging around for the project as well. Here is a full tutorial for the duffel bag.


    Sail Bag Image Credit: Pictures from GTB

    Sail Shower Curtain

    You know that pesky shower curtain that just doesn't seem to last? Take the older sail and have a shower curtain that lasts a lifetime. There isn't too much alteration, they look great, and are much better quality than any other type of curtain you might get. Don't want to do it yourself? Just check for places that do custom sewing and have them place grommets along one side. You also may need to have them cut to size and tape off one end. Then it is just a matter of getting some shower rings to match! Some still use an inner liner keeping the sail on the outside more for looks. There are places on Etsy that sell these you may contact for a custom job with your own sail.

    Sail Personal Sunshade

    Of all the setups this one is the easiest. There isn't any sewing but you will want to have the right size to make this actually portable. All you need is the sail, some rope, and something to secure the rope on one end. Having a smaller sail works particularly well. Bring it along next time you go to the beach for instant shade and conversation piece!

    Sail Chair Covers

    Design Sponge offers a great tutorial with images on creating sail chair covers. They also include some information on creating curtains with sails. Depending on what you have to cover you might be able to get away with using strong clips tucked away rather than sewing.

    Donate Your Old Sail

    If you just want to get rid of your old sail and put it to good use, donate it! There are a number of places including a small outfit in Gloucester, MA called Second Wind Sails that will take and recycle older sails. They also might be willing to do one of the projects above!

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