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Happy Thanksgiving

Closed today, Post Thanksgiving Sale coming Friday

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy your holiday by taking the day off, giving thanks, and spending time with friends and family. We're closed on Thanskgiving, but we'll be back on Friday with some special offers for a Post Thanksgiving Sale* tomorrow.

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Fresh Catch: Pre-Holiday Clearance Sale & Post-Thanksgiving* Specials pre-holiday clearance saleHard to believe that Thanksgiving is nearly here. It's our favorite holiday and we're getting hungry just thinking about it! What's your favorite part of the meal?

Everyone seems to have a special tradition at Thanksgiving. Joe Biden celebrates by swimming in the Turkey Plunge on Nantucket each year. Do you have any special traditions?

Thanksgiving is also a great reminder to help others in need. We recently made a donation to the Nantucket Food Pantry and encourage you to donate food, time, or money to a similar organization in your community.


Our Pre-Holiday Clearance Sale is still ongoing but it's ending on Sunday. You can save an extra 25% on all clearance items this weekend with code TIDY25. There are still some great items in each department (men, women, & home decor).


We aren't big fans of the the terms Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Black Friday seems to be overshadowing the real holiday, and "cyber" sounds like a word from the early internet days.

That being said, we've still got some special post-Thanksgiving deals coming next Friday. It won't be a typical sale, but we've got a few ideas we think you'll like. Look for that email next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Skipper

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Fresh Catch: Pre-Holiday Clearance Sale pre-holiday clearance sale 1 Things tends to get a little crazy around here during the holidays. As I mentioned last week, we've been doing a little tidying to prepare.

Anyway, we need clear some space so we're holiding a pre-holiday clearance sale. We've freshened up our clearance section with new styles for both men & women, marked down at least 60%. In our decor section, we've included a handful of model ships and nautical rugs.

Quantities are limited and specific sizes and colors may not last long so the head start should help. Plus, we'll give you an extra 10% off the clearance prices when you shop this weekend.

Shop our Pre-Holiday Clearance Sale this weekend for the best selection, plus save an extra 10% with the code tidyup

The discount code expires at end of the day on Sunday. If you have any questions feel free to reach out or leave a comment below.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Skipper

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5 Best Venues for the Perfect Nantucket Wedding 5 best venues

Nantucket is a witness of love. It’s an island where couples don’t need to pretend to be anybody else but themselves. There’s something about it that makes them feel alive, young and free. Instead of exaggerated lights, you get the radiant glow of the sun. Instead of speedy cars, you’re met with wind in your hair. Instead of long roads and highways, you get a field of green and the warmth of sand. Truly, this is a heavenly place set on earth.

This paradise is filled with a lot of beautiful places, that it’s often confusing to find the perfect spot for a Nantucket wedding. Here are our top 5 venue suggestions to help you choose the place that will witness your happily ever after.

Westmoor Farm Nantucket

Westmoor-Farm-Wedding-1Red-barn-westmoor-farmWestmoor Farm

If you happen to love the rustic side of Nantucket, then the first place you should checkout is Westmoor Farm. You’ll be surprised by the stone marked path leading you to tall majestic trees and bright blue hydrangeas.

 The road of wonder ends as you enter a barn where in the man you love will be waiting for you at the end of a beautifully displayed aisle. There’s definitely a lot to experience in this Alice in Wonderland haven in Nantucket.

Website: www.nantucketwestmoorfarm.com

Contact Information: (202) 255-480

The Nantucket Hotel

Grand-Ballroom-Nantucket-Hotel The Nantucket Hotel

Planning to host a grand wedding? Then head on straight to the largest ballroom located in Nantucket Island. The Nantucket Hotel’s new banquet can accommodate up to 250 guests in its romantically architectured halls. This place is perfect for those who don’t want to go to remote places in the island. The venue is in an accessible location with hotel rooms to 1-4 bedroom suites.

This is especially for the couples who want their weddings to be like the city lifestyle located in a cool, casual, yet sophisticated setting.

Cape Cod Life has recently awarded Nantucket Hotel with a “Gold Award” for Wedding Venue of 2015.

Website: www.thenantuckethotel.com/

Contact Information: 866-807-6011 (USA, toll-free) or 508-310-1734

The Wauwinet

Wauwinet Weddings

Considered as the only Relais and Chateaux on the island, The Wauwinet is truly a coveted location that offers you an intimate serenity surrounding the atmosphere. Enjoy the view of the beach and other exciting activities as you exchange vows in this place brought by the gentle breeze of the Atlantic Ocean and Nantucket Bay.

Website: www.wauwinet.com

Contact Information: 508-228-0145

Galley Beach

Galley Beach Nantucket Aerial Galley Beach

Celebrate your wedding in one of the most pristine beaches in Nantucket. You’ll fall in love with the ocean as you see the view of the ocean just within your reach. Feel the warmth of the sand in your toes as you and your guests celebrate inside a cool white tent.

Website: www.galleybeach.net

Contact Information: 508-228-9641

The White Elephant

The White Elephant Nantucket Massachusetts

This spectacular romantic haven for brides and grooms has been consistently named as part of Travel + Leisure’s 50 Best Hotel Lists for 10 consecutive years. They feature lovely indoor and outdoor environments that would fit any theme, whether you want a nautical themed wedding or a preppy style wedding.

There are a lot of activities you can do in The White Elephant, from dining to cruising, or even just looking at the stars. There’s no boring moment at this wondrous hotel.

Website: www.whiteelephanthotel.com

Contact Information: 800-445-6574

Tue, 27 Oct 2015 20:10:19 +0000 http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/5-best-venues-for-the-perfect-nantucket-wedding/ http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/5-best-venues-for-the-perfect-nantucket-wedding/ alyzza@nantucketbrand.com (Alyzza Pantejo) Alyzza Pantejo
Fresh Catch Friday: Wagoneers, Nautical Pumpkins, Baseball & More friday-fresh-catch

The weekend is nearly here. Before you head off on your weekend activities, we wanted to share a few things you may like, including a feature on our favorite vehicle, nautical pumpkins for Halloween, baseball playoffs, a flash sale and more.

  1. JEEP NEWS Did you know the Jeep Wagoneer was the first SUV? We came across Gear Patrol's History of the Jeep Wagoneer. If you're as big a fan as we are (read our tribute), it's definitely worth checking out. Also, did you know there's a new version coming in 2018?
  2. HALLOWEEN Halloween is just over two weeks away. If you haven't done any decorating yet, or want to add a nautical touch, check out Completely Coastal's painted nautical pumpkins post, which was very popular on our Facebook page. And if you need a costume idea, check out our preppy Halloween costume blog post.
  3. FOR CASUAL SPORTS FANS (AND THOSE IN CHICAGO, TORONTO, KC & NY): In case you haven't been following, baseball is down to the last 4 teams with two best-of-seven series starting this weekend. The Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals begin tonight. And in a fairly surprising matchup, the Cubs and Mets begin tomorrow. Want to catch up on the teams? Read the ALCS and NLCS previews.
  4. FOR THE NANTUCKETERS Nantucket could be designated as a Massachusetts Cultural District. This was popular on our Facebook page this week. In case you're wondering, "a cultural district is a specific geographical area in a community with a concentration of cultural facilities, activities and assets." Read the article on CapeCod.com or join the conversation on our Facebook page.
  5. FROM OUR BLOG You've probably noticed we've asked for a lot of feedback lately. We don't like when we never hear anything after taking a survey, so we shared a little about what we learned, and what we're doing. If you're interested, read more on our blog.
  6. FLASH SALES We're featuring weekly 'flash' sales on great products that may have gone too unnoticed or have limited inventory. Look for it on our blog each week. This week, get any two men's button down sport shirts for just $50.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Skipper

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Flash Sale Friday: Men's Button Down Shirts Men's Sport Shirts

We're featuring weekly 'flash' sales on great products that may have gone too unnoticed or have limited inventory. Look for it on our blog each week.

This week, we're featuring our men's button down shirts. Perfect for the cooler weather, these typically retail for $65-$89 each. However many styles are not currently available in all sizes, and we'd really like to clear some space for new items.

This week, get any two men's button down shirts for just $50 with coupon code TWOSHIRTS.

We've got a number of different styles available, including classic solid oxfords, ginghams, checks, stripes, and more. These at great shirts at an incredible price, they're still backed by our Happy Sailor Guarantee, which includes 30 day returns and free shipping on exchanges, and they qualify for our free shipping!

As we mentioned, we're only offering these at this price because inventory is limited. Head over to our Sport Shirt section today. Tip: Use the 'shop by size' dropdown on the left side to filter for the styles available in your size.

Get Two Sport Shirts for $50 with coupon code TWOSHIRTS.

Fri, 16 Oct 2015 18:06:48 +0000 http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/flash-sale-friday-mens-button-down-shirts/ http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/flash-sale-friday-mens-button-down-shirts/ skipper@nantucketbrand.com (The Skipper) The Skipper
What We've Learned from your Feedback Greetings Sailors!

If you've spent much time on our site, are a member of our email list, or a fan on Facebook, you've probably noticed we've been asking for a lot of feedback. We don't like when we take a survey and then never hear anything so we wanted to share a bit about what we've learned from your feedback.

We've heard from a many of our 'sailors' via polls, surveys, emails, chats, and phone calls. Most of the feedback has been very positive. In fact, here's a few of the replies we got when we asked if you'd recommend us to a friend?

"Yes--products are very nice and classic!" - Whitney A.

"Yes - good prices, sales and quality stuff" - Frank V.

"Yes, in fact I have!" - Joan P.

It's great to hear such positive feedback because it means we're doing something right. Of course, we've also received a number of good suggestions of how we can improve, along with some negative feedback.

Most Common Requests and Problems

  • Low Stock There were many people that mentioned that items they want are out of stock in the color/size they that they want. We're aware that we are very low on some items, particularly our women's shorts and skirts, and men's shirts and madras shorts. Certain colors sold much faster than anticipated and we haven't been able to replenish on short notice.We're planning to have more in the spring want to make them the best we've ever done. If you have suggestions or requests for specific colors, styles, or details, leave us a message in the comments.
  • Mobile Site Issues A number of people mentioned trouble using our mobile site. Mobile traffic has grown significantly and we certainly want to provide the best experience possible to mobile visitors. Our site is "responsive" meaning it adapts to the screen size and we've made a few improvements to the mobile layout recently. If you have any problems, please let us know because it's likely that we aren't aware of the problem yet.
  • Children's Clothing This was the most requested new product line and it's something we are seriously considering. It's likely that we'd start with a very basic product line initially, and add items over time. Tell us what you'd like to see in the comments.
  • Problems with Returns Unfortunately, we've heard from a few people that they've had problems making returns. We used to require an RMA form with every return. The form had to be generated on our site and then printed. We've done away with that requirement and included clearer instructions on packing lists. We've also put a better return processing system into place with our warehouse and customer service team so that returns are processed faster.
  • Irrelevant Emails Nobody used this term specifically, but we did hear complaints about people not being interested in our emails, getting irrelevant product recommendations, and getting too many emails.We are working to greatly improve our emails and the content we produce. We want to send you emails that you are happy to open. After all, what's the point of writing if it is going to be ignored. We've got some new ideas for our emails in the works, and are busy brainstorming topics for our blog. If you have something you'd like to see, let us know.

What we Learned About You

We were able to learn a lot more about our customers, subscribers, and fans. Don't worry, we won't be sharing any personal info, but wanted to share a little about what we learned.

  • And we learned that most of you live on a coastal state. The east-coasters outweigh the west-coasters, but not as heavily as you might guess.
  • Favorite hobbies and interests include traveling, sailing, boating, tennis, dining, skiing, wine-tasting, horseback-riding, and shopping.
  • There's a relatively equal split of men and women.
  • There's also a wide and rather equally distributed range of ages. We had a number of college students and grandparents respond. Most people tended to be somewhere in the middle of that range. (The list of hobbies above certainly seems fitting to a wide age-range!)

What We're Doing

In the previous section, we mentioned a number of actions we have taken, or are currently working on to improve your experience. Overall, it can be summed up with a fe

  • Provide content you want. We want to write blog posts you want to read, post photos you want to see, and find links you like.
  • Focus on the product you love - and we do best. It's pretty clear to us that our shorts, skirts, and pants are the most popular items. We'll produce more colors, put more thought into the details, and do everything we can to continually improve them.
  • Improve our shopping and customer service experience. We're continually trying to improve our site, provide more product details, and make returns easy. Things go wrong at times, but please trust that we'll make it right.


We're listening to your feedback and working to make changes that will make your experience with us better. Of course, we're never done gathering feedback. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, leave a comment below!

And if you're not on our email list yet, #HopAboard today to get 20% off your first order and our weekly emails with links and stories you want to hear.

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Points, ahoy! How to earn points and get discounts lighthouse simple

We are happy to announce our loyalty program. Now, when shopping or interacting with Nantucket Brand, you have the opportunity to earn points to use to discount your next order!

How to Earn Points

  • Shop with us - For every dollar you spend, you will receive 5 points to use on your next order
  • Write a review - Share your thoughts on a product, and get 500 points for each review

The Fine Print


Keep your eye on this page for more opportunities to earn points in the future! For now, sail on over to Nantucket Brand to start shopping and earning points today.

Tue, 08 Sep 2015 20:16:00 +0000 http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/loyalty-program/ http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/loyalty-program/ meganduffy10@gmail.com (NB Crew) NB Crew
Enter to win free products from Nantucket Brand & DODOCase DODOxNantucketRaffleCopter

Free products, ahoy! We've partnered with DODOCase for our end-of-the-summer giveaway! Simply enter your email, and you'll automatically be entered to win any nautical-themed iPad case from DODOCase and your choice of any of our Men's Whaler/Shipshape shorts or Women's Harbor skirt!

The contest is open until Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2015, and the winner will be announced on Monday, Sept. 14th.

Don't miss out on this great giveaway-enter today!




Wed, 02 Sep 2015 21:21:22 +0000 http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/nantucket-brand-dodocase-giveaway/ http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/nantucket-brand-dodocase-giveaway/ meganduffy10@gmail.com (NB Crew) NB Crew
Inside the Best Beaches Houses in America Best Beach Houses (2)


You might own a beach house, or you might just have a Pinterest or Houzz board filled up with ideas about your “someday summer home” (or year-round home, for that matter!).  Either way, you know that the ideal beach house provides ocean views, plenty of space for relaxation, and a few nautical touches. We’ve compiled a list of some drool-worthy beach homes for you to lust over, so whether you live in Newport News or Nashville, you can create a similar look in your own home.



1. Bethany Beach

This two-story, Nantucket-style beach house sits right at the ocean’s steps. Designed by Dewson Construction, the home features everything you could possibly want in a beach house:  panoramic views of the water, screened porches, and a floor plan that invites living and entertaining to flow from indoors to outdoors seamlessly.

Copycat:  Add a nautical touch to your living space by placing a few of these burlap prints to your main room, similar to the kind seen here.



2. Riptide, Chatham

Look familiar? If you’ve been to Chatham, Massachusetts, you know this sight from Shore Road and Chatham Harbor: this is none other than the Riptide house, completely renovated by Polhemus, Savery, & DaSilva Architects and Builders. This is the kind of beach home that summons images of Gatsby and brings you back to America’s Golden Age—a dream for anyone these days!

Copycat:  Create your own bright foyer by opening up the curtains and placing a colorful rug or mat, like this nautical rug, in the front hall.



3. Lombardy Lane, Laguna Beach

Designed by Clark Collins, this is the quintessential easy-breezy beach cottage.  The extra decorative touches are simple, elegant, and reflective of the coast.

Copycat:  This Laguna Beach cottage uses pops of blue to style the bedroom, which easily brings a nautical feel to the style of the room. Adding a few of these pillows will give you the same effect.



4. Huntington Island

This romantic stone beach house by The Knickerbocker Group perches over the Atlantic Ocean.

Copycat: This sitting room offers majestic views of the sea and exposed stone, which calls for the décor to stay in neutral tones. These taupe nautical pillows are in line with both the palette and overall theme of the room.



5. East End

Thom Filicia designed this grand East End beach house. The opulent home seems to be awaiting a few limos filled with Oscar-winners to show up at any moment.

Copycat:  This hallway features an impressive display of giant ship wheels in different sizes and colors. What’s keeping you from doing the same?  There’s no shortage of ship wheels if that’s what you’re worried about!



6. Florida Island

Habitat Post & Beam, Inc. designed and built this southern Florida beach house that sits perched above the marsh—you couldn’t be more ‘on the beach’ if you tried.

Copycat: This sea-inspired bathroom, adorned with seashells and stone, features round mirrors on the shelving.  You can create the same idea in your beach house bathroom by installing a few porthole mirrors.

Contributed by Charlotte Farley

Thu, 20 Aug 2015 15:00:47 +0000 http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/best-beach-houses/ http://nantucketbrand.com/shop/blog/best-beach-houses/ meganduffy10@gmail.com (NB Crew) NB Crew