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Get to know more about Nantucket Brand. Learn how we make our products, tour our stores, meet some employees, and more about what makes us Nantucket Brand.
  • Avid Online Shoppers Needed in Exchange for Free Products: Apply Here

    We're working on a new project and need the help of some avid online shoppers. Over the years, we've received a lot of great feedback and suggestion from our community. You've helped us improve our products and our website and we really appreciate the help.

    With that in mind, we wanted to ask for your help once again. We aren't ready to release the details of the new project to the public quite yet, but we're eager to share more info with a handful of people, specifically avid online shoppers.

    Benefits for Project Testers

    • Free & discounted products
    • Get early access to our new project
    • Provide your own suggestions to influence the project
    • Get lifetime VIP discounts
    • Our eternal gratitude

    How to Apply


    To apply, please fill out the application form below. We only need a small handful of people to help us out. You will be notified on a rolling basis. If you can see the application, it means we are still accepting applications.

  • Specialists in Classic, Colorful Bottomwear

    You may have noticed that we've made a few changes to our site recently, including our menu, tagline, homepage, etc. We've designed our site to focus on what we do best: classic colorful bottomwear.

    We're not entirely sure bottomwear is a word, but it seems like a good fit for what we do. Our customers have loved many our products, but year-after-year our shorts, skirts, and pants are our best sellers, so that's what we're focusing on.

    For now, our other apparel is still available, now under the Other Fine Apparel & Accessories category. Most styles won't be available for long, so if there's something you'd like, don't hesitate.

    Lastly, our Nautical Decor section now links to our partner site, CaughtAdrift. There's more news coming soon about CaughtAdrift, including some really great deals for a handful of customers that are willing to provide some feedback. Stay tuned for more info soon.

  • Amazon Reviews & Shop on Amazon

    You may not know it, but most of our products are available for purchase on Amazon, where they've gotten quite a few reviews.

    Amazon Reviews To help you read what others think, we've added an Amazon reviews tab to our product pages, plus the overall rating at the top of the page.

    Shop with Amazon Prime Did you know almost all of our products are available to order with Amazon prime?

    We'd love to have you shop on our site, but we know how convenient Amazon is. Nearly all of our products are now available on Amazon, in the CaughtAdrift Amazon store. Plus, if you're a Prime member, you'll receive free two-day shipping and all other prime benefits. You can find links in the Amazon Reviews tab on the product page or click to visit the CaughtAdrift Amazon store

  • What We've Learned from your Feedback

    Greetings Sailors!

    If you've spent much time on our site, are a member of our email list, or a fan on Facebook, you've probably noticed we've been asking for a lot of feedback. We don't like when we take a survey and then never hear anything so we wanted to share a bit about what we've learned from your feedback.

    Continue reading
  • We Made a Mistake

    We made a mistake

    On Tuesday, we inadvertently sent out an email to a number of customers thanking them for their order the previous day. It's something we do with every order. Unfortunately, most these customers hadn't placed an order with us yesterday. Of course, the natural reaction was concern that someone had placed an order using their credit card.

    We received dozens of calls, emails, and chat requests immediately after sending out the email. (If only our other emails inspired this type of response!). Once we realized that all these calls and emails were about the same issue, we looked into it and found this was a mistake with our email system. No orders were actually placed. All emails were answered quickly and although we couldn't answer all calls immediately, we returned all calls as quickly as possible.

    Once everything was under control, I sent an email to the affected sailors apologizing for our mistake. We certainly didn't intend for this to happen and assured customers it was a mistake on our part. There was no need to worry about fraudulent orders. The email also included a store credit for those customers.

    Although I wouldn't have blamed people for being annoyed, I was surprised by the number of emails we received from people thanking us for apologizing. Although we caused some rough seas, it was great to hear so many people so understanding of our mistake. Just another reason we love the sailors aboard our ship. Now, let's sail on to smoother seas ahead!

  • What's Coming in 2015?

    WHAT'S COMING IN 2015-Happy New Year Sailors!

    I hope 2015 is off to a good start for you. After a busy holiday season, our crew took a bit of time to relax last week. Personally, I enjoyed some time in the sun with lots of family. Whether in the sun, snow, or a climate in-between, I hope you had a chance to enjoy the end of one year and beginning of another.

    Although Monday morning was a little rough, we’re happy to be back with all hands on deck.We have a lot of exciting things planned and wanted to tell you what's coming in 2015. Continue reading

  • All About Seersucker Clothing

    Striped Seersucker Dress - Women's Seersucker ClothingOur seersucker clothing styles are among our most popular items. Although many are familiar with this classic fabric, we want to tell a little more about the fabric, it's history and how we use it as part of our 'Get to Know Us' series. Similarly, we previously posted about another one of most popular fabric: All About Madras Clothing.

    Seersucker is a style of lightweight cotton fabric with a trademark 'puckered; texture. Much like our other popular fabric, Patchwork Madras, seersucker originally comes to us from India, where the fabric derived its name from the Hindi and Urdu words “kheer aur shakkar”, meaning “milk and sugar”. This is a reference to the way the fabric bunches up – the smooth and bumpy textures of the fabric are reminiscent of the texture of milk and sugar. Another similarity between seersucker and Madras fabric is that both fabrics originated in hot climates and were intended to be cool and lightweight. The trademark bunching of seersucker fabric causes it to allow more room for the skin to breath, which facilitates air circulation and the dissipation of heat.

    When the fabric was initially introduced in the United States, it was worn almost exclusively by the poor until preppy students in the 1920’s popularized it as a mode of 'reverse snobbery.' It was especially popular in the southern United States as suits made from the fabric were still breathable enough to wear in the hot and humid weather. Seersucker fabric was so popular in fact, that the US Senate used to have Seersucker Thursdays in June, where senators would arrive in traditionally Southern style seersucker suits. The tradition was unfortunately discontinued in 2012.

    Our Seersucker Clothing

    Men's Striped Seersucker Shorts & Seersucker Clothing

    At Nantucket Brand, we take great pride in offering you only the finest from around the world. We work with 100% cotton seersucker rather than a cotton/poly blend. While the classic blue and white striped fabric is still the most popular, we work to find other color and patterns that we think you'll love. Those include other striped color like green and pink, as well as multi-colored check patterns, and even gingham check patterns. After carefully choosing our colors, we make sure test the fabric by washing it multiple times to check the shrinkage and make sure it feels just as soft, or softer, than it did pre-wash. Once we're satisfied with the fabric, we send it straight to our factory, now located in the US, for production.

    Our authentic seersucker clothing is available in a variety of styles for men and women. We have several options of men's seersucker shirts, perfect for a casual get together or dressed up with a blazer for a more formal setting. We also offer seersucker shorts for men and women, the perfect way to ensure you never lose your cool in the hot months. Ladies should also browse our selection of seersucker dresses and seersucker pants and capris, offering a casual and understated style without sacrificing comfort. Many of our seersucker items are now made in the USA, including our men's striped and check seersucker shorts and women's striped and gingham seersucker skirts.

  • Get to Know Us: Visit the Nantucket Brand Clothing Store

    Nantucket Brand Clothing Store

    10 Federal Street Nantucket, MA 02554

    Note: Our retail store is not able to assist with online orders. Please contact us instead

    We operate two retail stores, both of which are located on Nantucket Island, MA. The Emporium of Nantucket carries everything you need to furnish your home. That store will be featured in a future post.

    Our Nantucket Brand Store carries clothing for men and women, as well as a selection of small gift & decor items. The store is located in historic downtown Nantucket at 10 Federal Street. Our store originally opened in 2009 at 33 Main Street, but has since moved just around the corner to our new location. The new location is across the street from the post office and nearly kitty corner to the Nantucket Atheneum, the island's public library. Use the map on the right to see our location and get directions to the Nantucket Brand Store.

    Whether you live on Nantucket or are just visiting, we invite you to stop by the store. Our store is open year-round with varying hours depending the season. Typically we're open 10:00-5:00 during the "offseason" and 10:00-8:00 during the summer months. It's best to give the store a call at 508-228-7540 for the latest hours.

    The Nantucket Brand Store carries many of the featured items you can find on our site, such as madras clothing, seersucker clothing and faded red clothing. We also carry a number of apparel items that can only be found in our store.

    In addition to clothing, our downtown Nantucket store carries a variety of small decor items from The Emporium of Nantucket. These items include nautical clocks, wooden signs, nautical charts, unique gift items, door knockers, and more.

    Our store is managed by a longtime islander, Leilani Irvine. She's a graduate of Nantucket High School and has been working at the store since 2010. Leilani is always happy to help with finding the correct size for you, picking out a gift, or anything else you might need.

    If you've shopped at the Nantucket Brand Store, we'd love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment here or leave a review on Yelp or Google to let us know about your shopping experience!

  • We've been doing some remodeling

    Get to Know Us: About our Remodeling

    Remodeling of Site

    We've been doing some remodeling around out site lately. We're aiming to make it as user-friendly as we can. We're still in midst of our remodel so you'll see more changes in the near future, but we've done a number of things already.

    • Started an Easy Returns page, which allows customers to process returns & exchanges on their own. Previously, we had to send return forms manually.
    • Created a more efficient customer service form so we can handle all your questions and comments faster.
    • Added sizing info directly into the product page tabs. Size charts were previously in new windows, but now can be found directly on the product page.

    We'll keep you posted on new updates to our ongoing remodeling project. If you have suggestions, leave a comment below!

    • Made our home page more image-heavy, as we've found people tend to prefer images over text.
    • Introduced new designs for our header and footer, which should make it a little easier to navigate.
    • Added links to all of our social networks, making it easier to connect with us.

    We've still got a lot more in store, but we wanted to let you know what we've been doing to improve your experience on our site. Let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for us!

  • Get to Know Us: About Madras Fabric

    All about madras

    Today is our first post in our new Get to Know Us series of posts, where we'll tell you more about our company, our products, our stores and maybe even a little about ourselves. To kick things off, we wanted to tell you more about madras fabric. Our madras clothing is one of our most popular styles, but we realized not everyone is familiar with the history of the fabric, how it's made, and how we use it.

    History of Madras Fabric

    Madras refers to a specific style of fabric, named due to its origins in the Indian city of Madras (modern-day Chennai). Colonial-era British soldiers noticed locals wearing brightly colored cotton shirts and pants, and upon further investigation discovered that the lightweight, breathable fabric was perfect for staying cool in the Indian heat. The now-ubiquitous plaid stripes in madras fabric are a perfect example of cultural fusion as they were inspired by the pattern of the tartan kilts worn by the Scottish regiments posted in Southern India. From there, the fabric was quickly adopted by Europeans and Americans as being the ideal fabric for summer clothing. The bright colors are also perfectly in line with summer fashion, and the bold plaid designs make a statement while the lightness of the fabric allows the wearer to stay cool in hot weather.

    The fabric gained popularity with the preppy crowd and Ivy League set in the 1950s and 1960s. From there, it spread to country clubs and summer resorts. Thanks to its unwavering popularity with those crowds, today madras is almost synonymous with images of summer: relaxed, colorful, and comfortable. Whether it’s a round of golf at the country club, a spirited polo match, or casual drinks at Straight Wharf on Nantucket, a quick glance around will inevitably find this irrepressibly stylish fabric making its presence known.

    How Madras is Made

    Betheny Frankel in a Nantucket Brand madras fabric dressBetheny Frankel wore one of our (now-retired) madras dresses on Bravo TV show. Image from BravoTV.

    There are essentially three types of madras fabric: single-fabric plaids, bleeding madras, and patchwork madras. Single-plaid fabrics are exactly what they sound like: single pieces of fabric in bright plaid designs. Bleeding madras was most popular in the 50’s and 60’s when the color was purposely kept unfastened from the cloth to create unique fades after every wash. Lastly, is patchwork madras, which is typically what we at Nantucket Brand are referring to when we say madras.

    True patchwork madras fabric is made from multiple fabrics which are cut into equal size squares and then sewn back together. Most often, the fabrics are of the plaid variety, but it's not uncommon to see striped seersucker, solid chambrays and more.

    How we use Madras Fabric

    We use madras fabric in a variety of products, but every one of our products starts with great quality fabric. We source our fabric direct from India, where they still make the best madras fabric in the world. We find 3-4 fabrics we love, have the fabric cut into small pieces, and then each piece is sewn back together to make new rolls of fabric.

    From there, we ship the fabric to our factory in the United States. The fabric is then cut and sewn into various styles including men's shorts, women's shorts and skirts, and even used as a lining in some of our women's sweatshirts.

    Men's Madras Fabric Shorts Women's Madras Fabric Hoodies Women's Madras Fabric Shorts
    Men's Madras Shorts Women's Madras Hoodies Women's Madras Shorts
    Women's Madras Pants Women's Madras Dresses Women's Madras Skirts
    Women's Madras Pants Women's Madras Dresses Women's Madras Skirts

    We're always finding new opportunities to use madras fabric, so be on the lookout (or sign up for our emails) for new madras goods. For now, go check out our current madras clothing items and add some color to your wardrobe!

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