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Home ACKcents. Design tips and guides for a nautical and Nantucket-style home.

  • Wood Carved Nautical Charts

    Wood Carving Cape Cod

    The waters of the sea are rolling hills of fluid motion hiding all that goes below. Unlike land which displays its’ smaller caves and crevices, the sea shelters the many canyons and hillsides living under it’s waters. A sailor needs to know what lies below and nautical charts help with this but most are flat renditions. A bathymetric chart is the underwater equivalent of a topographic map and is the basis for The Emporium of Nantucket’s wood carved nautical charts. These 3D wooden charts reveal what the sea has hidden. Continue reading

  • 3 Best Rope Knots [Infographic]

    Knowing the right rope knots in the right situations is like having a swiss army knife in your mind. Rope knots have been used to save lives, tow things, and are essential for sailing and climbing. If you do anything in the outdoors there are a few essential knots you will be glad you know. The following rope knots infographic illustrates three essential knots alongside three essential ways to learn them. Continue reading

  • Nautical Gifts Guide

    The mythic perfect nautical gift for the holiday keeps us all shopping. We want holiday moments to be pure joy so when someone opens their gift they react like this:

    Perfect Nautical Gifts for a Joyful Holiday Season as Shown by Couple Hugging

    We want to help save you some time looking around for nautical gifts. We have gathered together a gift guide for the nautically inclined. You will find nautical decor and unique accents to fit many of those where sailing isn’t just something they do but a passion that can’t be lived without. Gathered in the guide are images to help you sort out the best nautical gifts this season. If you can’t decide between a few items we have some upcoming bundle gift packages deals that may allow you to swing a few of them together! Continue reading

  • Thanksgiving and Holiday Decor Ideas

    Thanksgiving is a great time for hosting friends and family at your home. If you are then be sure to check out the post on sprucing up your entryway. Besides the entryway, you might be thinking about what to use for Thanksgiving and holiday decor. You probably have a lot of traditional items you use however even traditional decorations need a boost. Here are some ideas for using candles, pillows, and non-traditional holiday decor for Thanksgiving and other holiday events. Continue reading

  • Tips for Decorating Your Entryway

    Decorating your Entryway

    Cape Cod Islands Wood Chart Used for Decorating Your Entryway

    The entry to your house is where all those first impressions begin. Adding a few choice personal touches like a wooden nautical chart is essential for establishing and anchoring those first impressions. Especially during Thanksgiving and other holiday events, it is important to have the entryway spruced up with functional style. The following are some different ideas for making an impression with your own homes gateway.

    Decorating Your Entryway with Smaller Items

    Using a few small simple items offers less clutter while also adding character. The key is placement with surrounding items. One easy way of accomplishing that is by adding a small table. Here are some examples of placing ships boats and a map:

    Some popular entryway configurations contain a cushion with bench and/or hooks to hang coats and hats. If you have these then you might not want or need a table in the entryway. Instead of adding anything additional look at replacing items like the types of hooks you have, the cushions and what hangs on wall just above these. You could use anchor or other wall hooks alongside a detailed nautical chart, burlap prints, or wood signs. There are also nautical cushions to choose from such as the Anchor Throw Pillow with Rope or Starfish Pillow. Here are some examples of using wall hooks, maps, prints, cushions or large shop:

    Decorating Your Entryway with Larger Items

    Of course you could just as easily rely upon larger items and eliminate the time to gather some of the smaller decor. Even before you come into the house you could have a weathervane like the Copper Eagle with Fish or the Whale to establishing a theme. The door itself could have some additional elements such as the door knockers like the Brass Whale or Sailboat. A few well placed hooks alongside a larger 20 Inch Brass Porthole shop makes it easier to achieve a look while also being functional. You could also use larger maps of San Francisco & Bay Area or the Cape Cod and Islands. Of course nothing makes a statement like a 48” diameter ship’s wheel. Here are some examples using larger items:

    The Emporium of Nantucket carries a number of nautical accents to help shape an entryway. We have also started a Pinterest board called Entryway Decor Ideas we will continue to add ongoing items to. If you have any you found and would like to share or your own entryway pictures let us know by commenting below.

  • Home ACKcents: Ship's Wheel Inspirations


    Ship's wheels are iconic. They pervade every bit of nautical lore and history by providing an instantly unmistakable look. As such, they are a favorite centerpiece for nautically styled homes. When supported effectively by smaller nautical accents, ship's wheels become more than just a decoration on the wall, they become a piece everyone admires. Just as the case with porthole shop inspirations, any additional decorations around the ship's wheel should be minimal and avoid clutter. Unlike with porthole shops, these typically don’t do well in pairs or triplets but rather as a solo attraction with other accents to provide supporting details. Too often a ships wheel is left to stand by itself but without supporting details it doesn’t have the same pizzaz. To avoid that look try adding supporting nautical accents that provide detail without overshadowing the effect.


    The following are examples to inspire decorating an area with a ship's wheel. The possibilities are endless. Start by deciding on the style, such as a ship’s wheel with brass ring or a ship’s wheel without. Sizes start from 12” all the way up to 60”.

    Use Maps Alongside a Ship's Wheel


    This example displays several maps around the ship’s wheel, which add to the nautical theme. Consider using nautical wood maps which have superior detail as they were created with the help of a professional cartographer. We also offer nautical burlap prints and a old map of Nantucket, which work well as complementary items. The smaller frames might be easier to use such as San Francisco and Bay Area, Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket Island.


    Smaller Decorations on Shelf Beside Ships Wheel

    This is probably the easiest way to achieve the desired effect. It is easier to find items and place them on a shelf than it is to place the right items to hang around a wheel. The beauty of using shelves is the items can be swapped out to “freshen up” the look. Keep in mind that some like the first example may be a bit busier than the ideal. Some examples of items to use on a shelf beside a ship's wheel include a compass, masthead oil lamp, or a sextant.

    Another option is to flip this and have a map and other items as a focal point and a smaller 12" ship's wheel as a supporting detail as shown here:

    Ship's Wheel Decoration on Mantel


    Ship's Wheel as Focal Point


    Of course, you could also use a ship’s wheel as a focal point with supporting elements in other areas of the room or on a separate wall. This works for some who really want to showcase a large ships wheel, like the 60” wheel, above something like a fireplace. This makes sense since balancing out such a large piece can be tricky otherwise. Some supporting pieces to consider placing on other walls in the same room are artwork, nautical clocks, or porthole shops.

    Another possibility is using a large ship's wheel outdoors. Over time you can get a nice natural weathered look as shown here:

    Ship's Wheel - Outside Wall

    There are endless other possible configurations depending upon the area and supporting elements. If you already have other elements to complement a ship's wheel but need just a few additional items try using a Nickel Ship's Wheel Clock or Polished Brass Ship's Wheel Bell (there is nickel as well) or any other nautical accents. After you get what you like together send us a note via Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, or email and share what you have done! We love to highlight what others do such as with a customer's nautical nursery.

  • Home ACKcents: Porthole Mirror Inspirations

    If you have ever thought of redoing an area into a nautical theme, porthole mirrors offer a simple yet effective way to start. In fact, well placed porthole mirrors are a strong anchor for the eye within a nautical themed area or room. What makes them so versatile besides the look are the different sizes. Although you can use a larger porthole mirror with great effect, the use of smaller mirrors in pairs or triplets is also just as effective. Recently Nantucket Brand discovered some great inspirational pieces that showcase porthole mirrors in action. If you have an area needing a bit of nautical charm try these on for size. Items mentioned: porthole mirrors, nautical knobs, nautical accentsClick below to read more!

  • Home ACKcents: Nautical Nursery

    Nautical Nursery Room

    Nautical Nursery

    Some customers of ours recently created a great-looking nautical nursery they setup for their baby boy. This family used many items from our Emporium of Nantucket store. The room looks great and we wanted to share some photos to inspire you. What a lucky little guy!

    Nautical Nursery Room

    This photo features our Nickel Paperweight Clock with Nantucket Map, our Nantucket Burgee wood sign, as well as a crib from Gracco, sheets from Pottery Barn Kids, shelves from Pottery Barn, and Sailboat Painting by local Nantucket artist Pat Peter. (Note: Other paintings by Pat Peter as well as the white glider chair are available for purchase at our retail store on Nantucket).

    Nautical Nursery Room

    This shot features our Libby Glider Chair (available in-store only), our Shells Night Light Table Lamp, and our Needlepoint Anchor Pillow. (Note: Wooden sailboat is not available for purchase online or in-store.)

    Nautical Nursery Baby Room

    Our last photo features three of our 15" Nickel Porthole shops, our Lighthouse Candle Lamp, and a customized Ikea Hemnes Dresser/Changing Table. By the way, we're very impressed with the dresser. The blue borders on each drawer were painted on and the knobs were replaced with nickel cleats.

    We hope this helps inspire you when creating your own nautical nursery. Do you have a room - nautical nursery or otherwise - that you think we should feature? We'd love to hear from you!


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  • Home ACKcents: Beach House

    Home ACKcents - Beach House Style

    Home ACKcents: Beach House Styles

    Create the perfect beach getaway with our nautical accents. Read our guide on how to get started on your beach home.

    1) Create a welcoming entry with our Nautical Gone Sailing Hooked Wool Area Rug.


    2) Deck the hallswith our Porthole shops.


    3) Replace old drawer pullswith a nautical touch using our Nautical Drawer Pulls and Knobs.


    4) Light the waywith Oil-Burning Lanterns.


    5) Create a nautical themed bedroomwith our Nautical Quilts and Bedding.

  • Home ACK-cents: Nauti-Bar

    Home ACKcents: Nautical Bar


    Update your home bar with our nautical accents. Serve your guests in style with elegant and nautical inspired bartop accessories.

    1) Rope Coaster Set in Wooden Box. Dress up your bar with this rope coaster set. Includes (4) rope coasters in a wooden box. The box features a brass clasp and a brass anchor on top. Box measures 4.5" x 4.5" and 2" tall.

    2) Nickel Bottle Openers. Every bar needs a good (looking) opener. This opener is available in 3 handle patterns. Each features a nickel opener with a shell composite handle. 

    3) Dice Set. Enjoy your next beverage while playing a game of Liar's Dice or put this wooden set to use along with a backgammon board. This set of dice is made from wood with brass on the face to indicated the number. Fttingly, the dice set comes in a wood box decorated as a large die. The set consists of 5 dice. Box measures 3.5” square.

    Bonus) Wall Mounted Opener with Anchor. This brass bottle opener is a great addition to your nautical bar. Opener feature an anchor emblem and mounts to wall. 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches. Screws are included.

    Seaside Signs

    No bar is complete without a sign! Our wood signs add rustic charm to your bare walls. Choose from an existing design (over 25 deisgns avaiable) or create your own. Each sign is handmade (in the USA!) and handpainted from unique pieces of reclaimed wood making each piece unique with variances in the look and shape of the wood. 

    4) Happy Hour Wood Sign. Measures approximately 19 inches x 25 inches. Great to hang at your bar or anywhere else you enjoy your cocktails.

    5) Nantucket Flag Wood Sign. The sign features the word Nantucket painted across the center in red with a blue shape. Sign is shaped like a nautical flag. This nautical wood art measures approximately 16 inches x 22 inches.

    6) Custom Wood Sign. Design your own sign! Choose your size and let us know what you'd like for a design. Custom signs vary in price depending in the size.  

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