Home Office Nautical Decor

For those that have a home office the choice of decor is sometimes tough. You might dream of a home office with a view like this:

Ocean_View_Pier From Flickr shoebappa

But instead you might have a home office like this:

Home Office From Flickr robertstinnett

Then again you also don't necessarily want to go for this:

The thing is, the home office space shouldn't be too distracting but at the same time it's fun to do more than you might at an in-office setting. There needs to be some organization mixed with a bit of fun. Like our other nautical decor posts it's about having some synergy between the different items. With this in mind the following should help get you inspired to add some home office nautical decor.

Inspirational Home Office Nautical Decor

When your working it's nice to get a bit of inspiration from your surroundings. Having the right nautical decor can be reminders of the beauty of the ocean, sailing, and relaxing with sand between your toes. The winter time is the perfect time for sprucing up a home office with a bit of beach or nautical home office decor. Here are some simple solutions to start on home office nautical decor or add to your existing elements.

Using shops

Using shops helps bring in more light providing a feeling of expansion. Fighting the cloudy days of winter? Need to lighten up a darker interior space? An easy solution is to incorporate portal shops.

Using Smaller Effects

If you have some office decor setup already sometimes all you need are a few smaller items to spruce up the overall look. These smaller nautical effects are a nice way to add the feeling of the beach or ocean. Use items like a compass, sextant, or hanging glass buoys to get a bit of ocean history and oceanic lore.


Use of Nautical Art or Wall Hangings

Nautical wall decor offers an easy way to have a few items setup to swap out over time. Include main frame or piece of wall art around a handful of smaller pieces. Items that work well this way include Nautical Accents or Nautical Artwork.

Knot Board with Model Ship work well for Home Office Nautical Decor

Whatever direction you go sometimes it feels good to take a break from winter, put on some madras clothing or seersucker clothing and pretend like you are on the beach.

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