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Life on ACK: Where to Sip

Life on ACK: Where to Sip

Life on ACK: Where to Sip

An Insider's Guide 

There are many places to grab a drink on Nantucket, but we wanted to share a few of our favorite places. Of course, any time you're on Nantucket with a drink in hand, you're in the right place. Check out our picks below and let us know yours.

Cisco Brewery
What to order: Whale's Tale is their most popular beer, but a Triple 8 Blue Lemonade is also quite refreshing.
Why We Love It: It's the perfect place to sample local specialities on your way to or home from the beach. We love sitting outside and listening to the live music while enjoying a good drink.

The Lobster Trap
What to Order: The Elbow Bender
Why We Love It: It's an island classic and if you want to really live like an islander just go ahead and order "a bendah" or "a bender" to go along with some fresh seafood.

What to Order: Espresso Martini
Why We Love It: They've got a great patio bar tucked behind the restaurant on Federal. A great place to relax for an after-dinner cocktail.

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