Nautical Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is probably one of the last places one might think to put nautical decor but it is also the easiest. For the most part, most bathrooms don't have a lot of space for decorations. Although initially seen as a limitation, besides some of the more common floating shelves, there are subtle effects that can achieve splendid looking results. Here are some examples and inspirations for adding nautical bathroom decor.

Using Functional and Subtle Nautical Bathroom Decor

Functional nautical decor is often the best subtle choice because of how easily it blends. Many easy subtle solutions come from using paint. However a place some miss out on are other areas such as using nautical decoration on door handles. These offer a subtle way to enhance the overall effect such as here:

Another smaller item sure to be a wellspring of conversation is using rope and cleats to hang towels or toilet paper. Then there is the last one which goes way beyond subtle into functional fun:

These work especially well because they are both decorative and functional. Another example for this is the use of porthole shops.

The Use of Stencils

Stencils in bathrooms make a lot of sense. They offer a fun way to be nautical with fun messages. They are relatively easy to setup and swap out. Here are some great inspirations:

The Not So Subtle Nautical Bathroom Decor

Then there are those elements which offer a much larger and stronger message of your love of all things nautical. These are sure to catch attention and a conversation for years to come. If you are trying to get more attention to your nautical efforts start with some of these.

There are many traditional ways to create a nautical bathroom including having floating shelves with model sailboats, adding nautical artwork, and netting with decorative oars. You can find many examples of these within the Nantucket Brand bathroom decor Pinterest board.

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