Nautical Bedroom Decor

Image of a Map with Title Overlay Words: Nautical Bedroom DecorNautical decor for any room presents an interesting challenge. The decor has to fit the space. It has to be setup so it doesn't overpower what's already there. Yet it also must be strong enough to be noticed and appreciated. There are many tactics. Most of them rely upon one or two focal points with smaller items to enhance. Being more personal, the bedroom provides more flexibility. This post covers different ways other people have chosen to go with their nautical bedroom decor. In case you are looking for even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board on the same topic.

Using the Walls

Most of the time existing or floating shelves can be used for nautical bedroom decor however there are some who use color to great effect as well. This can involve everything from having the classic nautical stripes to using sailboat or compass stencils. You can also hang nets, add decorative oars, or a small boat! Here are some interesting choices for nautical bedroom walls.


Using the Ceiling

Obviously ceilings are a lot more complicated even if it is just because of the height involved. However there is one room here you probably won't be able to duplicate:

Beyond that there are stencils or pre-done images to use like a compass. What's nice is the ceiling is an unusual location so it is an instant conversation piece. Etsy offers a lot of options for compass and other types of stencils. If you can brave the ladder, the ceiling is the way to go! Here are some images to get you inspired:

Extreme Features

Besides water as part of your ceiling, there are other possible extreme features to use depending on how dedicated you are to a nautical theme. One of them is using a boat!

Of course you could also get netting and combine it with other nautical decor.

Like using the ceiling, extreme features provide that instant conversation piece. The cost and effort involved are considerably more than just a quick paint touchup and placing a model sailboat on a floating shelf. However if you are really dedicated to a nautical bedroom theme then why not?

Colors and Subtle Looks

Beyond those "extreme" nautical decorations is a much easier and subtle look. When you don't want to spend as much time or money and have other focal points then go with the colors and subtle look. Even just painting the classic nautical lines and having a porthole shop, sailboat wheel or nautical art can achieve a good nautical bedroom effect.

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