Nautical Corner Decor

Corners are often one of the most neglected areas of a room. It is much harder to find decor to fit nicely into corner areas than say a straight wall. Once you do find the right elements, then those neglected spaces come alive adding to an overall theme or standing out on it's own. The following are some ideas to get inspired to make your own nautical corner decor setup.

Avoiding Clutter with Nautical Corner Decor

Many potential corners suffer from corner clutter. In an effort to use the neglected dead corner space a few corner shelves are put up and stuffed with books and nicknacks. It's an extreme to make up for the lost space. Instead of cluttering the corners like this, try spacing each piece. 

This gives each piece breathing room to hold the space adding to a spacial theme rather than a feeling of storage space. Here are some shelves idea that combine elements together in a less cluttered fashion.

Using Books with Art and Model Sailboats

Try using books on sailing combined with art, images, and model sailboats. The different elements are easy enough to place and each provide a different look and feel. If you don't already have a good book try some books like Nigel Calder’s How to Read a Nautical Chart or Sailors' Secrets by Michael Badham and Robby Robinson. There is also a good list of 25 great seafaring books.

A good smaller piece of artwork could include some nautical burlap prints like the lighthouse, sperm whale or schooner sailboat. Some smaller sailboats to consider include the small USS Constitution, small Cutty Shark, or the Catboat Model.

Small Cutty Shark Sailboat Model Lighthouse Burlap Print for Nautical Corner Decor

Combine Shelves with Hanging Decor

Try combining shelves with hanging decor such as a roped glass buoy sethanging copper sailfish, or masthead oil-lamp. The hanging decor is versatile enough to hang above everything, from larger shelves depending on the size of each, or just about anywhere with something like ship's bells. Having something like nautical keychains adds a bit of fun character without taking up too much space.

Sailboat Keychain Brass Ship Wheel Bell

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