Nautical Gifts Guide

The mythic perfect nautical gift for the holiday keeps us all shopping. We want holiday moments to be pure joy so when someone opens their gift they react like this:

Perfect Nautical Gifts for a Joyful Holiday Season as Shown by Couple Hugging

We want to help save you some time looking around for nautical gifts. We have gathered together a gift guide for the nautically inclined. You will find nautical decor and unique accents to fit many of those where sailing isn’t just something they do but a passion that can’t be lived without. Gathered in the guide are images to help you sort out the best nautical gifts this season. If you can’t decide between a few items we have some upcoming bundle gift packages deals that may allow you to swing a few of them together!

Nautical Gifts Guide for Model Ships

Ship Models are an essential part of any nautical decor. They make a familiar statement pleasing to any age. There are so many to choose from it can sometimes get frustrating to know which ones are the best. We have chosen three of our top ship models that are sure to please those who are nautically inclined on your gift list. Each of these work well on floating shelves just about anywhere although you may need a larger shelf for some because of the width and length. Don't worry as that information is always listed. See our Pinterest Board on Model Sailboats for some inspiration on placement.

Green and White Sailboat Model. If you are unsure as to the type of sailboat to get as a gift Green White Sailboat Modelthis one is one of the safest. At 28 inches tall, 17 inches long and 4.5 inches wide with a weight of less than 2 pounds it fits nicely on an average shelf. The design matches that of many larger sailboats yet priced below many of the famous replica sailboat models. There is also a somewhat similar larger version here. Below is a short video of the boat:

Endeavour Model Ship. The Endeavour is 130 foot J-class yacht made famous winning many Endeavor Ship Modelraces after her launch in 1934 and pioneering the Quadrilateral genoa a design still used in J's today. Measuring 34 inches tall, 24 inches long and 4.5 inches wide she is good for a variety of shelves. She holds a classic streamline look that is reasonably priced and also comes in a large Endeavor size and extra large Endeavor size.


1899 Columbia Model Ship. The Colombia was a racing yacht built in 1899 and made famous 1899 Columbia Ship Modelas the first vessel to win the America's Cup trophy twice in a row. A striking set of 5 canvas sails adorns this 38 inch tall, 33 inch long, and 5 inch wide model sailboat sure to strike up conversation in any room. This one is a delight for any collection.


Nautical Gifts Guide for Porthole shops and Nautical Clocks

Porthole shops and nautical clocks offer a fun yet functional way spruce up any area. Along Nautical Nursery with Porthole shopswith the ship's model boat and ship's wheel, they are a quintessentially perfect nautical gift. Check out our Porthole shop Inspirations blog post for ideas on placement of porthole shops. A basic rule of thumb is to get a larger shop if it is intended as a stand alone piece and smaller shop if it will be used in multiples or with other nautical accents.

Nautical clocks come in many different styles in two different categories, those that hang on Wood and Brass Porthole Clockthe wall and those that sit on a desk or dresser. Those with instant nautical appeal include the Wood and Brass Porthole Clock, Wooden Anchor Clock, Wooden Propeller Clock, and Nickel Ship's Wheel Wall Clock. All of these are intended for the wall and work well with other nautical wall accents.

Nautical Gifts Guide for Ship's Wheels

The ship's wheel is one of the most popular nautical gift's and yet also one of the hardest to figure on for size. It is hard to have an accurate picture of where a ship's wheel might fit based on the diameter. To help you here is a basic guide.

The diameter measurements range from 12 inches on up and are from the outside end of the handles. The handles are each about 6 inches long. If you are planning on having a ship's Ship's Wheelwheel being the centerpiece then you want to get a ship's wheel around 42-48 inches or larger. If you are planning on combining these to support other nautical accents then 24 inches or under is good. The sizes in between could go either way depending upon the intended space. Check out our Ship's Wheel Decor blog post for inspiration on placement.

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