Nautical Kitchen Decor

Nautical Kitchen Decor Pinterest Board The kitchen is one of the most well used places in the home. You slice, dice, and hopefully create wholesome meals for yourself and everyone who comes over. Although many areas of the kitchen cater to utility there are some nooks where nautical kitchen decor adds a nice touch. The following are inspirations towards sprucing up your kitchen area with light nautical decor.

More ideas found at the Nantucket Brand Pinterest boards.

Nautical Kitchen Decor: Porthole shops and Clocks

Porthole shops and clocks offer a bit of utility along with decor. The different sizes and instant nautical look and feel make them an easy choice for fitting into just about any area. Take a larger 20 inch porthole shop, a smaller 11 inch porthole shop, or a brass porthole clock. You get the look and feel of the porthole without having to create a hole for a round window. Porthole Clock Brass 11 Inch Porthole shop 20 Inch Porthole shop

Using Plates, Cups, Coasters, Towels, Drawer Pulls

There are a number of functional kitchen items that could be swapped out for a special party or just for fun. These include the use of plates, cups, coasters, and towels. For a little more permanent and interesting touch try using nautical drawer pulls such as here:

Rope Chest Drawer Pull Cod Fish Drawer Pull Seahorse Drawer Pull

Kitchen Wall Quotes and Art

Another fun element is the use of kitchen wall quotes or wall art. Some of these fit nicely into unused areas above the cabinets or an unused kitchen sidewall. The Emporium of Nantucket offers many pieces of nautical wall art or signs including the ever-popular handmade Summertime and the Livin' is Easy wood sign.

Summertime Living Wood Sign

If you have creative spirit you could try painting quotes within an area such as like this or getting vinyl quotes from places like Etsy:

The heart of the home kitchen decal Etsy Heart of the Home Kitchen Vinyl Lettering

Model Sailboats, Ship's Wheels and Smaller Decor

Model sailboats and ship's wheels are mentioned often in past posts such as with nautical wall decor, nautical gifts guide, and ship's wheel inspirations. This is because both offer instant nautical decor gratification and recognition. Many unused spaces are filled with a bit of sailing wonder and delight by just adding model sailboats or a ship's wheel. Other smaller decor such as burlap prints, nautical bells, and decorative wall hooks complement and make the use of these iconic decor items more thoughtful.

Whatever you do with your nautical kitchen decor be sure to check out the Nantucket Brand Pinterests boards for more inspiration.

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