Nautical Man Cave


Long ago men lived in boats and caves. Somehow we have never forgotten. What happens when the man cave meets the sailboat? Nautical man cave. This post explores the nautical man cave providing inspiration should you want to create your own.

Nautical Man Cave Essentials

A man cave according to Google is defined as "a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household." Consider household another term for friends and you get the idea. A nautical man cave mixes in love of sailing and all things nautical, the ocean, the sandy beaches, everything. The essentials of any good man cave are space, drinks, food, entertainment, and fitting decorations. Variations on these essentials provide the style of man cave. For the nautical man cave here are some specific essentials.

Man Cave Space


Every man needs his own space, an area of the home where only his rules apply. This usually ends up being in the garage or basement area initially setup to throw under-appreciated things. The man is left to design this area and so the man cave is born. Although natural lighting is nice, consider having some adjustable lighting in case you need to reorganize any of your stuff from unannounced visits. Really a man cave is born anywhere there is enough space to hang out, drink, and be merry.

Man Cave Drinks, Food, and Entertainment

As a sailor or anyone nautically inclined you should always have enough rum on hand for 20 people just in case. All that rum means you better have some good snacks on hand and although beer-candied bacon certainly sounds pretty good, most of the time you won't have time to get or make beer-candied bacon.

Food in a man cave is much like having food on a sailboat, it is all about access and portability. Think about if you were to ever go on a long sailing voyage, what food would you bring? Take that list and keep only those things you can eat without cooking. Bread, crackers, cereal, fruit, dried meat, and lots and lots of snacks. When in doubt add more beer or rum.

For entertainment most consider a good sized TV essential. Beyond that you need to have some cards and other games that are easy to play. Anything with complicated rules should be used for display only.

Captain Bottle Opener Anchor Bottle Opener

Man Cave Nautical Decorations


Of course you need the regular man cave essentials like a comfortable couch and some easy chairs. Beyond the usual mixture you need some things to create a nautical look and feel. You need a ship's wheel, one or two model sailboats, and some signs. That's it!

Bermuda Model Ship Summertime Living Sign








Ship WheelHappy Hour Sign

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