Nautical Stairs Decor

The off season is one of the best times to spruce up areas of your home that are sometimes neglected like the stairs. One of the best ways to do that is with reminders of the ocean, sailing, and the beach. Here are a few inspirational photos and ideas for what you could do with that long bit of wall space heading up and down the stairs.

Using Rope and Cleats

There is a bit of fun from using a few simple cleats and rope. The images here consist of more elaborate practical setups however rope and cleats could be used in just a few places as a nautical accent.

Rope Cleat Stairs Decor Completely Coastal Pinterest Click to View

Rope Stairs Condo Ideas Pinterest Image, Click to View

Using Ship's Wheels

Ship's wheels are fun to use and easily recognizable. Unless your stairs are particularly narrow, a good size to use is between 30-42 inches. You may even be able to get away with using a couple of ship's wheels such as in this Pinterest image:

Stairs Two Ships Wheels Completely Coastal Pinterest

Nautical Art and Oars

Another really useful item are oars. When the right color and size these can be used as a way to frame other images. These would work best on a longer stretch of stairway. Here is an examples not shown in the stairway but could still work there.

Oars Bedroom 6th Street Design School Pinterest

Many people use frames in the stairway, to make it a strong theme use some nautical art instead of pictures. If you don't have something to use we have nautical wood charts, Rainbow Fleet painting, and nautical prints that would work well hanging in conjunction with nautical accents like ship's bells, nautical clocks and porthole shops. Here are some examples of frames used in the stairway.

Stairs Frames Decor Love Stitched Pinterest

Stairs Frames SawdustAndPaperScraps.Com Pinterest

Using Favorite Sailing Quotes

A little more involved but a lot of fun is using favorite sailing quotes. Each stair is painted with a part of the quote. The more successful of these use shorter words and quotes but it also depends upon the length of your staircase and patience in painting. Here are some examples of words used on a staircase. You could also go with just solid bands of popular nautical colors such as here. View our Nautical Quotes Pinterest board for inspiration.

Words On Stairs Pinterest

You could also consider combining the use of quotes and frames on the wall such as with this example:

Frames On Stairs MyHomeLookBook.Com Pinterest

Whatever direction you go with creating nautical stairs decor it is fun to swap out periodically with something different. This works well for seasonal changes or to highlight different family projects. Let us know what you do with your project by tweeting with the hash tag #nbnautical. Check out our Stairs Decor Pinterest board for ongoing inspirations!

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