Nautical Wall Decor

Most people have a wall or two that they don’t know what to do with or what items to hang on them. Having a theme or story behind different wall decor provides a bit more interest than just throwing items on the wall. Establishing nautical wall decor is an easy solution for a bit of adventure and story. Here are a few different images and video (don't miss it at the bottom of the post!) to get you inspired to spruce up that neglected wall before your next party or event.

One Larger Nautical with Smaller Around

An easier way to spruce up the wall is to have one focal point and several smaller items around it. A wall makes it easy to create multiple configurations such as a circle, straight line, or slightly offset. Use something like a Nautical Wood Chart as a centerpiece and then smaller Nautical Artwork around it. Some burlap prints that would work might be the Anchor, Lighthouse, or Schooner Boat. Other prints might be the Sailboat on Wood Painting, Rainbow Fleet Painting or Nantucket Map. You could also use a set of smaller Porthole shops which provide a bit of reflection enhancing the overall setup. If you have a half-wall it is easier to set larger items like model sailboat on top and then have items on a dresser or small table below like here. You could even enhance the dresser or table further with Nautical Drawer Pulls. Here are some images to get inspired:

Captains Quarters Sign with Ships Wheel and Nantucket Model ShipAnchor Down Sign with Large Model Ship

Multiple Nautical Wall Decor in a Row

Another nice configuration is to have a few of the same or similar items all in a row. It is easier because there is a pre-established connection between the items. Some easy items for this include having multiple model sailboats like the Large Bermuda, Sailing Yacht Model, Colored Sails America Model, and the Blue Nose Model Ship. These models are fine replicas with a size and weight suitable for most floating shelves. Here are some examples:



You could also do several Vintage Wood Signs such as the Nantucket Wood Sign, Summertime and the Livin' is Easy, White Whale Wood Sign, and Boat to America. Each one of these signs is slightly unique since most are handmade. Here are some examples:

Whale Sign Nautical Clock and Nantucket Sign In Kitchen Cisco Beach Sign with Nautical Lamps

Musical Chair Nautical Wall Decor

Once you have a few configurations in mind it is fun to swap out a few items as in musical chairs nautical wall decor. This works particularly well when you have a main item. It is easy to just swap out one item than finding smaller items. Here is are a couple of images showing the same wall setup with different main focal points:

Model Sailboat with Ships Wheel Knot Board with Model Ship

Whatever you go with for your neglected wall, hopefully these nautical wall decor configurations give you some inspiration. Want more? Check out further examples on our Pinterest Boards here and here.

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