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  • Running Aground

    Run Aground Sailing Quote

    "Only two sailors in my experience never ran aground. One never left port and the other was an atrocious liar" --Don Bamford

    This weeks quote follows similar logic as last weeks Vincent Van Gogh's sailing quote. The sea has an element of danger one of them being running aground. Any sailor worth their salt is prepared for such an event by at least becoming familiar with what to do if your boat runs aground.

    The off-season is one of the best times to use in preparation for upcoming sailing events of the summer. As any sailor knows, boat safety is something learned before you need it. Even just brushing up on knots can be a great way to spend some of the winter months. Other ways include some good sailing books such as Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum, A Voyage for Madmen by Peter Nichols, and Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian. Then when you run aground or hit a shipping container at sea you can live to make a movie about it.

  • Valentines Day at the Beach

    Valentines Day at the Beach with Your Toes In The Sand Toes in the Sand by natala007 Flickr

    Valentines Day is coming up soon. Although it is still winter you can celebrate Valentines Day at the beach! There are only a few items needed to help celebrate the day while taking a vacation from winter. If you follow everything below you will be celebrating without a care in the world!

    Valentines Day at the Beach with Your Toes in the Sand

    First off you need your toes in the sand! There is nothing like relaxing with the feeling of sand in and around your toes. The best thing is play sand. It isn't expensive, it's safe, and bug free! You can usually get a bag of children's play sand at the hardware store for around $5. While you are there if they have it pick up a Tubtrug but if they don't have it you can get one at Gardener's Supply for less than $14 here. You can just add your sand or you could warm it up a bit! There are different opinions on warming sand in the oven however you could warm a few rocks and place those in the sand. The rocks will transfer the warmth making taking putting your toes in a little more enticing!

    Dancing to Music at the Beach

    If you are going to the beach you need music! Now if you don't have a huge selection of beach music to choose from don't worry! There are plenty of cool playlists to choose from on Spotify or Songza. Some people enjoy a mix of tunes about the beach and ocean and for them they might want something like "Life's a Beach" playlist on Songza

    Even if it's the dead of winter, it'll feel like you're relaxing in the sun on the sand when you crank up these beach-minded tunes.

    Others might just want to chill for that you might try Chill Out Music - Ultimate Sunset Beach Playlist. Of course if you really want to dance go for the Beach Party mix with Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and more. Whichever way you go there are tons of options or you could mashup a list of your own.

    Clothes and Decorations to Make It

    Getting decked out for the occasion is a must! Everyone has their own way of hanging at the beach. It should come as no surprise that we prefer going with seersucker, madras, or faded red clothes to stay both stylish and comfortable. Try either women's beach wear or men's beach wear or just hang with women's madras shorts or men's madras shorts.

    Of course nothing is complete without a few decorations! Start out with a large glass heart bottle filled with rose pedals. Rest your head on the treasures by the sea pillow while gazing at the happy hour or summertime and the livin' is easy wood signs.

    The best is for last, the smell of the ocean which usually just means reminders of the ocean. For that take out your sun screen and put some on your face and arms. No really, try it. Then put on some sun glasses, put your feet in the sand and crank the tunes. Oh and if you are still not feeling it, try the Smooth Sailing recipe:

    1 1/2 oz vodka
    1 1/2 oz triple sec
    2 oz orange juice
    2 oz cranberry juice
    1/2 oz cherry brandy

    Cheers! Oh wait, we didn't forget about love nor comedy, check it out:

  • Thought is the Wind

    Thought Wind Quote

  • Nautical Stairs Decor

    The off season is one of the best times to spruce up areas of your home that are sometimes neglected like the stairs. One of the best ways to do that is with reminders of the ocean, sailing, and the beach. Here are a few inspirational photos and ideas for what you could do with that long bit of wall space heading up and down the stairs.

    Using Rope and Cleats

    There is a bit of fun from using a few simple cleats and rope. The images here consist of more elaborate practical setups however rope and cleats could be used in just a few places as a nautical accent.

    Rope Cleat Stairs Decor Completely Coastal Pinterest Click to View
    Rope Stairs Condo Ideas Pinterest Image, Click to View

    Using Ship's Wheels

    Ship's wheels are fun to use and easily recognizable. Unless your stairs are particularly narrow, a good size to use is between 30-42 inches. You may even be able to get away with using a couple of ship's wheels such as in this Pinterest image:

    Stairs Two Ships Wheels Completely Coastal Pinterest

    Nautical Art and Oars

    Another really useful item are oars. When the right color and size these can be used as a way to frame other images. These would work best on a longer stretch of stairway. Here is an examples not shown in the stairway but could still work there.

    Oars Bedroom 6th Street Design School Pinterest

    Many people use frames in the stairway, to make it a strong theme use some nautical art instead of pictures. If you don't have something to use we have nautical wood charts, Rainbow Fleet painting, and nautical prints that would work well hanging in conjunction with nautical accents like ship's bells, nautical clocks and porthole shops. Here are some examples of frames used in the stairway.

    Stairs Frames Decor Love Stitched Pinterest
    Stairs Frames SawdustAndPaperScraps.Com Pinterest

    Using Favorite Sailing Quotes

    A little more involved but a lot of fun is using favorite sailing quotes. Each stair is painted with a part of the quote. The more successful of these use shorter words and quotes but it also depends upon the length of your staircase and patience in painting. Here are some examples of words used on a staircase. You could also go with just solid bands of popular nautical colors such as here. View our Nautical Quotes Pinterest board for inspiration.

    Words On Stairs Pinterest

    You could also consider combining the use of quotes and frames on the wall such as with this example:

    Frames On Stairs MyHomeLookBook.Com Pinterest

    Whatever direction you go with creating nautical stairs decor it is fun to swap out periodically with something different. This works well for seasonal changes or to highlight different family projects. Let us know what you do with your project by tweeting with the hash tag #nbnautical. Check out our Stairs Decor Pinterest board for ongoing inspirations!

    Nantucket Brand Stairs Decor Pinterest Board

  • Vincent Van Gogh Quote

    Vincent Van Gogh Quote

    "The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” — Vincent Van Gogh

    Fishermen and sailors know the dangers of the sea. For a sailor it would be as foolish to not sail as to not drive a car. Sure these are calm waters in the picture but that's the trick of the ocean, to entice you out. A sailor knows how to navigate any waters knowing they often change with little warning. Either way the delight of flying sail in the wind makes all else pass away.

  • Nautical Kitchen Decor

    Nautical Kitchen Decor Pinterest Board
    The kitchen is one of the most well used places in the home. You slice, dice, and hopefully create wholesome meals for yourself and everyone who comes over. Although many areas of the kitchen cater to utility there are some nooks where nautical kitchen decor adds a nice touch. The following are inspirations towards sprucing up your kitchen area with light nautical decor.

    More ideas found at the Nantucket Brand Pinterest boards.

    Nautical Kitchen Decor: Porthole shops and Clocks

    Porthole shops and clocks offer a bit of utility along with decor. The different sizes and instant nautical look and feel make them an easy choice for fitting into just about any area. Take a larger 20 inch porthole shop, a smaller 11 inch porthole shop, or a brass porthole clock. You get the look and feel of the porthole without having to create a hole for a round window.
    Porthole Clock Brass 11 Inch Porthole shop 20 Inch Porthole shop

    Using Plates, Cups, Coasters, Towels, Drawer Pulls

    There are a number of functional kitchen items that could be swapped out for a special party or just for fun. These include the use of plates, cups, coasters, and towels. For a little more permanent and interesting touch try using nautical drawer pulls such as here:

    Rope Chest Drawer Pull Cod Fish Drawer Pull Seahorse Drawer Pull

    Kitchen Wall Quotes and Art

    Another fun element is the use of kitchen wall quotes or wall art. Some of these fit nicely into unused areas above the cabinets or an unused kitchen sidewall. The Emporium of Nantucket offers many pieces of nautical wall art or signs including the ever-popular handmade Summertime and the Livin' is Easy wood sign.

    Summertime Living Wood Sign

    If you have creative spirit you could try painting quotes within an area such as like this or getting vinyl quotes from places like Etsy:

    The heart of the home kitchen decal Etsy Heart of the Home Kitchen Vinyl Lettering

    Model Sailboats, Ship's Wheels and Smaller Decor

    Model sailboats and ship's wheels are mentioned often in past posts such as with nautical wall decor, nautical gifts guide, and ship's wheel inspirations. This is because both offer instant nautical decor gratification and recognition. Many unused spaces are filled with a bit of sailing wonder and delight by just adding model sailboats or a ship's wheel. Other smaller decor such as burlap prints, nautical bells, and decorative wall hooks complement and make the use of these iconic decor items more thoughtful.

    Whatever you do with your nautical kitchen decor be sure to check out the Nantucket Brand Pinterests boards for more inspiration.

  • Life Span and Sailing Quote

    Time Spent Sailing Quote

    "The time spent sailing is not deducted from their lifespan"

    This is an unattributed quote of which there are many different variations. The meaning behind each is whenever there is pure delight in the endeavor time seems to stop. Sailing on any type of water but especially at sea tends to do just that, stop time. Sometimes that's because of the thrill of the waves and wind other times it is from hitting the doldrums. Whatever the conditions, there is no day wasted when sailing. Check out our nautical quotes Pinterest board for more and our life at the sea is better board for images. A fair warning though, you may loose a bit of time there as well but that's the way it is with boats, eh?

  • Nautical Corner Decor

    Corners are often one of the most neglected areas of a room. It is much harder to find decor to fit nicely into corner areas than say a straight wall. Once you do find the right elements, then those neglected spaces come alive adding to an overall theme or standing out on it's own. The following are some ideas to get inspired to make your own nautical corner decor setup. Continue reading

  • Home Office Nautical Decor

    For those that have a home office the choice of decor is sometimes tough. You might dream of a home office with a view like this:

    Ocean_View_Pier From Flickr shoebappa

    But instead you might have a home office like this:

    Home Office From Flickr robertstinnett

    Then again you also don't necessarily want to go for this:

    The thing is, the home office space shouldn't be too distracting but at the same time it's fun to do more than you might at an in-office setting. There needs to be some organization mixed with a bit of fun. Like our other nautical decor posts it's about having some synergy between the different items. With this in mind the following should help get you inspired to add some home office nautical decor.

    Inspirational Home Office Nautical Decor

    When your working it's nice to get a bit of inspiration from your surroundings. Having the right nautical decor can be reminders of the beauty of the ocean, sailing, and relaxing with sand between your toes. The winter time is the perfect time for sprucing up a home office with a bit of beach or nautical home office decor. Here are some simple solutions to start on home office nautical decor or add to your existing elements.

    Using shops

    Using shops helps bring in more light providing a feeling of expansion. Fighting the cloudy days of winter? Need to lighten up a darker interior space? An easy solution is to incorporate portal shops.

    Using Smaller Effects

    If you have some office decor setup already sometimes all you need are a few smaller items to spruce up the overall look. These smaller nautical effects are a nice way to add the feeling of the beach or ocean. Use items like a compass, sextant, or hanging glass buoys to get a bit of ocean history and oceanic lore.


    Use of Nautical Art or Wall Hangings

    Nautical wall decor offers an easy way to have a few items setup to swap out over time. Include main frame or piece of wall art around a handful of smaller pieces. Items that work well this way include Nautical Accents or Nautical Artwork.

    Knot Board with Model Ship work well for Home Office Nautical Decor

    Whatever direction you go sometimes it feels good to take a break from winter, put on some madras clothing or seersucker clothing and pretend like you are on the beach.

    Check out more ideas within our Home Office Nautical Pinterest board.

  • 2013 Holiday Hours

    Holiday Hours

    2013-14 Holiday Customer Service Hours

    The holiday season is always one of our busiest times of the year so we need to take a little time off for the holidays. Please see our planned schedule for the week of Christmas and New Year's Day. If you need to contact us while we are closed, please use our contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible when our office re-opens.

    Christmas Week

    Our customer service office will be closed Tuesday, December 24th through Thursday, December 26th. We will be available by email on Monday, December 23rd and Friday, December 27th.

    New Year's Week

    Our customer service office will be closed on Tuesday, December 31st and Wednesday, January 1st. We will be open on Monday, December 30th, Thursday, January 2nd, and Friday, January 3rd.

    Beginning on Monday, January 6th we will be back to our regular customer service hours of 11am-6pm EST Monday through Friday.

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