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  • Moving Sankaty Head Light

    Moving Sankaty Head LightSankaty Head Light is a lighthouse that sits on a bluff illuminating a portion of Nantucket island's 80-mile coastline on its Eastern Shore. Technically, it sits in the village of Siasconset fulfilling its role reminding seafarers in the Atlantic Ocean to beware of the island's craggy shore.

    Today, Sankaty perches safely nearly 480 feet from shore, however, it was not always situated so cozily inland.​ After the island eroded for decades, it came within 79 feet of the edge, and some authorities claim that a few strong storms could have toppled it into the sea. Continue reading

  • We Must Sail

    Must Sail Quote

    "I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving - we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it - but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."
    — Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

    If you have ever stood on the shore in good wind and felt a bit uncomfortable then you know why we must sail. There is no comfort found in being adrift nor is there in having a boat at anchor. When the winds are alight the sails should be aloft. Go with the wind, go against the wind, feel the movement of the craft through the waves, the sail within the breeze for it is a comfort known to those who sail because they must.

  • Why do people throw pennies at Brant Point when leaving Nantucket?

    Throw Penny at Brant PointTraveling to and from Nantucket Island involves a 30-mile ferry trip over potentially choppy seas, and it’s best if we take this trip with at least one penny in our pocket. The penny is not to pay the ferryman, but rather to engage in the age-old tradition of throwing a penny overboard while departing the island.

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  • Sailor's Superstitions: Bad Luck at Sea

    Sailor Superstitions: Bad Luck at SeaNo one purposely hops on a boat hoping for bad luck, but sailor's superstitions say we could easily bring it if we don't pay attention to what we're doing. Three major faux pas are bringing a banana on board, setting sail on a Friday or going out of our way to slay an albatross.

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  • Famous Mythical Sea Creatures

    Famous Mythical Sea CreaturesSailors of old made it across vast oceans spending countless hours at sea. All that time and wide open space certainly played with their emotional state. Is it any wonder than that we have so many mythical sea creatures? Some have more myth than others. We have gathered together some of the more famous of mythical sea creatures. Enjoy and if there are any favorites you think should have been included, let us know! Don't miss the funny older short Saturday Night Live video at the end that includes the devious "land shark." Continue reading

  • Caught Adrift: Lighthouses

    Lighthouses in Winter Photos Lighthouses in Winter
    10 Photos of Massachusetts lighthouses during the winter months
    Cisco Brewers Sankaty Light Cisco Brewers Sankaty Light
    Cisco Brewers named this beer after the famous lighthouse.
    PBS Legendary Lighthouses PBS Legendary Lighthouses
    Although this series is from 1998, it's still worth a look if you love lighthouses.
    Lighthouse Pinterest Board Lighthouses on Pinterest
    Check out our lighthouse Pinterest board
  • Top West Coast Lighthouses

    Top West Coast LighthousesWe're continuing our Lighthouse week today with the top west coast lighthouses. (Earlier, we featured our top east coast lighthouses.) The West Coast is home to some of the most scenic lighthouses, offering stunning Pacific Ocean views and foggy, windswept coastal bluffs. These 10 longtime favorites of lighthouse fans span the west coast and are well worth a visit.

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  • Lighthouse Quote

    Compassion Lighthouse Quote

    A Lighthouse Quote

    "A good book is a lighthouse; a wise man is a lighthouse; conscience is a lighthouse; compassion is a lighthouse; science is a lighthouse! They all show us the true path! Keep them in your life to remain safe in the rocky and dark waters of life!"

    - Mehmet Murat Ildan

    We've continued with lighthouse theme with a lighthouse quote this week. See more of our lighthouse coverage on our blog.

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  • Life of a Lighthouse Keeper

    Life of a Lighthouse KeeperGazing at a picturesque lighthouse on a stormy coast, we don’t always think of the human stories embedded in the beams, stones, and storm panes. These days, active lights tend to be automated, kept functioning through remote maintenance and the occasional repair visit. For hundreds of years, however, those lighthouses—and the security of all the vessels they faithfully guided—depended on the lonely, committed service of lighthouse keepers. Their office was remote and harsh (but with a great view); their responsibilities were immense.

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  • Top East Coast Lighthouses

    Top East Coast Lighthouses
    The lighthouse is a timeless and iconic feature of seaside landscapes. Their initial purpose makes them stand out. Many of them are in locations with brutal weather and hard to get locations. All of them stand as a beacon reminding us of a different time and allowing an instant view into the past. There are so many beautiful lighthouses from around the world. We have started a Pinterest board called Lighthouses. Take a look and follow the board to get ongoing views of lighthouses from around the world. In this post we feature some great lighthouses - including the top east coast lighthouses. Although all of the lighthouses up and down the coast are charming, these stand out as having extra appeal. Some due to the lighthouse itself and others for the classic location. Continue reading

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