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    You don't need to spend hours searching for Nantucket Brand coupon codes. We've compiled a list of currently valid coupons below.

    Current Nantucket Brand coupon codes

    Save 15% on your first order

    Coupon Code: SAILOR15 Discount: 15% of order total Requirements: You must sign up for our email list during the checkout process for this coupon code to apply. Restrictions: None. This is valid on all items on our site. Expiration: This is a limited time offer that will expire at the end of the month.

    Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Men's Sport Shirts

    Nantucket Brand Coupon Codes

    Coupon Code: TWOSHIRTS Discount: Buy 1 men's button down sport shirt, get a 2nd for free. Requirements: Just add two men's button sport shirts to your cart. Restrictions: Only valid on men's sport shirts. Expiration: This is a limited time offer that will expire at the end of the month. Shop our men's sport shirt sale now.

    Notes: Nantucket Brand coupon codes cannot be combined with any other offers. Only one code per order.

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  • Nantucket Decor Inspired Gift Guide

    There is a mythical charm to Nantucket Island bringing people back year after year. Those that live here experience it year-round but for others there are few things better than getting the gift of Nantucket. There are certain items that provide a special Nantucket Island holiday cheer and we have gathered a few together in this guide of Nantucket decor inspired gifts. These are perfect for those on your gift list that love Nantucket Island and want the memories or feel of Nantucket within their home decor. If they love it when their guests can't stop talking or hearing about Nantucket then each of these is sure to strike up a conversation for many years to come.

    Wood Carved Nantucket Nautical Chart

    Nantucket Nautical Wood Chart - Nantucket Decor For those who love charts and the sea, nothing shows the love of Nantucket more than a unique wood carved three-dimensional bathymetric chart showing the "topography" of the ocean land surrounding Nantucket Island. The chart was created with the help of a professional cartographer to assure accuracy showing the detail for various depths. The chart measures 16" by 20" is made from baltic birch wood framed within a darker solid wood frame. The stunningly accurate portrayal of the land below the ocean around Nantucket Island is something few get to see making it a perfect gift for sparking up conversations about Nantucket all year long. A good companion piece or for those who want to show the larger area there is the Wood Carved Cape Cod and Island Chart.

    Nautical Wood Carving Cape Cod

    Nantucket Lightship Model

    Nantucket Model Lightship - Nantucket Nautical DecorThe Nantucket Lightship has a history deeply tied to the island. The lightship helped mark the dangerous shoals off of Nantucket Island and was the last lightship viewed by ships leaving the U.S. and the first to be seen on return. An essential part of the image of Nantucket this lightship model is only 9 inches long making it easy to display just about anywhere. A perfect gift Nantucket even when there may not be a ton of room to display more decor. An easy companion to this is the Wood Framed Burlap Print of an Anchor or the Sperm Whale on Plaque.

    Burlap Anchor Print   SpermWhaleWallSm

    Nantucket Wooden Sign - Boat on Beach

    The Nantucket Wooden Sign with Boat on the Beach is handmade making each one made Nantucket Painted Wood Sign - Nantucket Nautical Decorunique. Offering a rustic beach look the sign measures 20 inches by 33 inches and works well alongside other rustic decor such as the Wood Framed Burlap Map of Nantucket. Perfect as a reminder of lazy days in the sand this gift will work well alongside those collected sea shells and memorable souvenir's from Nantucket. Much like the Nantucket Trading Wood Sign, handmade rustic look means there won't be another one like it.

    Nantucket Trading Sign  Burlap Print Nantucket

    Rainbow Fleet Painting at Brant Point

    The Brant Point Light was established in 1746, in 1987 was added to the National Register of Rainbow Fleet Painting Historical Places and is literally a beacon of Nantucket. The painting combines Brant Point with another bit of history, the Rainbow Fleet of small sailboats. The original photo was taken by H. Marshall Gardiner in 1930. This classic scene of Brant Point with vibrantly colored sails perfectly captures the character and landscape of Nantucket. The history behind it offers a conversation every time and would hang nicely near a desk with an added Antique Brass Paperweight Clock with Nantucket Map Face or Brass Hand Bell with Nantucket Text.

    Nantucket Paperweight Clock   Brass Handbell Nantucket

    Nantucket Map as of 1869 by Reverend Ewer

    For that bit of history there is the Nantucket Map as of 1869 showing important old roads, Vintage Nantucket Mapproprietors' set-offs and Indian place names. This map is perfect for being able to relate current historical land marks to smaller less well-known place names. The piece is a bit of history and artwork combined to fill a 29.5 inch by 21.5 inch frame. The Nantucket Map is perfect because it provides historical conversation pieces that others are sure to not be aware of.

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