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  • Nautical Gifts Guide

    The mythic perfect nautical gift for the holiday keeps us all shopping. We want holiday moments to be pure joy so when someone opens their gift they react like this:

    Perfect Nautical Gifts for a Joyful Holiday Season as Shown by Couple Hugging

    We want to help save you some time looking around for nautical gifts. We have gathered together a gift guide for the nautically inclined. You will find nautical decor and unique accents to fit many of those where sailing isn’t just something they do but a passion that can’t be lived without. Gathered in the guide are images to help you sort out the best nautical gifts this season. If you can’t decide between a few items we have some upcoming bundle gift packages deals that may allow you to swing a few of them together! Continue reading

  • All About Seersucker Clothing

    Striped Seersucker Dress - Women's Seersucker ClothingOur seersucker clothing styles are among our most popular items. Although many are familiar with this classic fabric, we want to tell a little more about the fabric, it's history and how we use it as part of our 'Get to Know Us' series. Similarly, we previously posted about another one of most popular fabric: All About Madras Clothing.

    Seersucker is a style of lightweight cotton fabric with a trademark 'puckered; texture. Much like our other popular fabric, Patchwork Madras, seersucker originally comes to us from India, where the fabric derived its name from the Hindi and Urdu words “kheer aur shakkar”, meaning “milk and sugar”. This is a reference to the way the fabric bunches up – the smooth and bumpy textures of the fabric are reminiscent of the texture of milk and sugar. Another similarity between seersucker and Madras fabric is that both fabrics originated in hot climates and were intended to be cool and lightweight. The trademark bunching of seersucker fabric causes it to allow more room for the skin to breath, which facilitates air circulation and the dissipation of heat.

    When the fabric was initially introduced in the United States, it was worn almost exclusively by the poor until preppy students in the 1920’s popularized it as a mode of 'reverse snobbery.' It was especially popular in the southern United States as suits made from the fabric were still breathable enough to wear in the hot and humid weather. Seersucker fabric was so popular in fact, that the US Senate used to have Seersucker Thursdays in June, where senators would arrive in traditionally Southern style seersucker suits. The tradition was unfortunately discontinued in 2012.

    Our Seersucker Clothing

    Men's Striped Seersucker Shorts & Seersucker Clothing

    At Nantucket Brand, we take great pride in offering you only the finest from around the world. We work with 100% cotton seersucker rather than a cotton/poly blend. While the classic blue and white striped fabric is still the most popular, we work to find other color and patterns that we think you'll love. Those include other striped color like green and pink, as well as multi-colored check patterns, and even gingham check patterns. After carefully choosing our colors, we make sure test the fabric by washing it multiple times to check the shrinkage and make sure it feels just as soft, or softer, than it did pre-wash. Once we're satisfied with the fabric, we send it straight to our factory, now located in the US, for production.

    Our authentic seersucker clothing is available in a variety of styles for men and women. We have several options of men's seersucker shirts, perfect for a casual get together or dressed up with a blazer for a more formal setting. We also offer seersucker shorts for men and women, the perfect way to ensure you never lose your cool in the hot months. Ladies should also browse our selection of seersucker dresses and seersucker pants and capris, offering a casual and understated style without sacrificing comfort. Many of our seersucker items are now made in the USA, including our men's striped and check seersucker shorts and women's striped and gingham seersucker skirts.

  • Thanksgiving and Holiday Decor Ideas

    Thanksgiving is a great time for hosting friends and family at your home. If you are then be sure to check out the post on sprucing up your entryway. Besides the entryway, you might be thinking about what to use for Thanksgiving and holiday decor. You probably have a lot of traditional items you use however even traditional decorations need a boost. Here are some ideas for using candles, pillows, and non-traditional holiday decor for Thanksgiving and other holiday events. Continue reading

  • Christmas Stroll on Nantucket

    Christmas Stroll on Nantucket

    2013 Christmas Stroll on Nantucket

    The holiday season is upon us once again and here on Nantucket, a sure sign of Christmas is the annual Nantucket Christmas Stroll (2013: Dec. 6-8). Now in its 40th year, the Stroll was initially organized as an effort to keep locals from going off the island to get their holiday shopping done. What started as a three hour event with late closing times for local shops and businesses has since turned into a cherished holiday tradition encompassing the entire weekend.

    The holiday season starts off the weekend after Thanksgiving with the lighting of 100 Christmas trees all along Main Street, accompanied by local choirs and carolers singing traditional Christmas songs. The Christmas Stroll on Nantucket begins the following weekend, which is the first weekend of December. The annual event features a charming open air, European-style Advent market where Christmas truly comes alive as shoppers walk around taking in the sights, and perhaps being tempted by the smells of hot food and refreshments wafting through the cold, crisp air. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus, who arrives via a Coast Guard boat to kick off the festivities. His arrival is heralded by the Town Crier, and Santa sets up shop at the historic Jared Coffin House to visit with the children and receive their Christmas wishes. Naturally, it goes without saying that local businesses, shops, and restaurants all get in on the festivities, offering up various holiday specials.

    This year, the Stroll embraces a Victorian theme, including a Victorian Costume Contest held on Saturday, Dec. 7. All visitors are encouraged to participate and help bring that much more Dickensian flair to the season. To cap things off, there will be a community sing-along with Nantucket’s renowned Victorian Carolers.

    With such wonderful festivities all around us, we here at Nantucket Brand are proud to be part of the tradition in our own way, offering many special holiday products. Be sure stop by our downtown store at 10 Federal Street and see our latest clothing styles and find some holiday decor. Whether you want to add some flair around your tree with our needlepoint Christmas tree skirt, decorate with our pewter Christmas ornaments, or entertain guests in style with Christmas-themed placemats, we’ve got just the item for you! So if you’re in the area, we hope you’ll come visit us! From all of us here at Nantucket Brand, we hope your holidays are truly magical.

    Event Details
    What: 2013 Christmas Stroll on Nantucket
    When: December 6-8, 2013
    Where: Downtown Nantucket
    More information available at the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce site.

  • Try us Out: Free Shirt for Joining our Email List

    Get a Free Shirt for Joining our Email List

    Update 11/21/2013: This promotion has ended.

    Free Shirt - Men's Striped Button Down ShirtThe captain's gift to you

    For a limited time, we're offering our Striped Button Sport Shirt for free.

    Ok, it's not quite free. You'll need to cover the shipping costs, but those are typically around $6 for domestic orders.

    If you've never tried any of our apparel before, we can't think of a better way for you to try us out. This is one of our favorite shirts and we're confident you'll love it. Made from 100% cotton, our Striped Button Down Sport Shirt is a versatile shirt that works for many different occasions. Wear it with jeans for a smart weekend look, pair it with some khakis for a casual office day, or even add in some solid shorts for a summer style. In the fall and winter, top it off with one of our sweaters or sweatshirts for a great layered look. The shirt features a curved hem, a button down collar, and an embroidered whale and compass logo on the left chest pocket. When picking out your free shirt, you'll have your choice of color: blue, yellow, or pink. Each shirt also offers two embroidery color options.

    Here's how to get your shirt:

    1. Sign up below for our email list
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    2. Check your inbox for a confirmation email
      Just click on the link to confirm your email address. We need to make sure you really wanted to sign up for the list.
    3. Get your free shirt
      You'll receive another email with a coupon code and a link to the shirts. Pick from any available size and color (blue, pink, or yellow). Enter your coupon code in the discount box on the shopping cart page and complete the checkout process.
    4. Share with friends
      Don't keep this offer all to yourself. With three colors available, it's easy to share with your friends and not worry about getting the same color.

    Update 11/21/2013: This promotion has ended.

    Limit of one shirt per customer.
    This is a limited time offer and is subject to end at any time.
    Shirts are not eligible for free exchanges.

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  • Get to Know Us: Visit the Nantucket Brand Clothing Store

    Nantucket Brand Clothing Store

    10 Federal Street
    Nantucket, MA 02554

    Note: Our retail store is not able to assist with online orders. Please contact us instead

    We operate two retail stores, both of which are located on Nantucket Island, MA. The Emporium of Nantucket carries everything you need to furnish your home. That store will be featured in a future post.

    Our Nantucket Brand Store carries clothing for men and women, as well as a selection of small gift & decor items. The store is located in historic downtown Nantucket at 10 Federal Street. Our store originally opened in 2009 at 33 Main Street, but has since moved just around the corner to our new location. The new location is across the street from the post office and nearly kitty corner to the Nantucket Atheneum, the island's public library. Use the map on the right to see our location and get directions to the Nantucket Brand Store.

    Whether you live on Nantucket or are just visiting, we invite you to stop by the store. Our store is open year-round with varying hours depending the season. Typically we're open 10:00-5:00 during the "offseason" and 10:00-8:00 during the summer months. It's best to give the store a call at 508-228-7540 for the latest hours.

    The Nantucket Brand Store carries many of the featured items you can find on our site, such as madras clothing, seersucker clothing and faded red clothing. We also carry a number of apparel items that can only be found in our store.

    In addition to clothing, our downtown Nantucket store carries a variety of small decor items from The Emporium of Nantucket. These items include nautical clocks, wooden signs, nautical charts, unique gift items, door knockers, and more.

    Our store is managed by a longtime islander, Leilani Irvine. She's a graduate of Nantucket High School and has been working at the store since 2010. Leilani is always happy to help with finding the correct size for you, picking out a gift, or anything else you might need.

    If you've shopped at the Nantucket Brand Store, we'd love to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment here or leave a review on Yelp or Google to let us know about your shopping experience!

  • First of 2013: Snow on Nantucket

    Snow on Nantucket

    The photo above was taken by coleypenrose and posted to his Instagram account. I don't know the photographer, but his Instagram account includes many other great photos of Nantucket, in addition to his photo of the first snow on Nantucket of 2013.

    "The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?"

    - J. B. Priestley

    It snowed yesterday on Nantucket. This was the first snow on Nantucket, and for many places around the northeast, this season. It's certainly a bit earlier than many people would like, but there is something "magical" about snowfall, as mentioned in this quote from J.B. Priestly. The snow didn't come overnight, but this quote still seemed like a good fit for the occasion. Priestly, an English novelist, playwright and broadcaster who published 26 novels and many dramatic plays, captured part of what makes snowfall so magical to many with this quote, but there's certainly more to it than that.

    Many island visitors may not know much about snow on Nantucket, since most only visit between April and October. It actually doesn't snow that much on Nantucket compared to most places in Massachusetts and New England. The Gulf Stream helps keep the temperature just a little warmer and makes for many more rainy days than snowy days. According to, Nantucket averages about 26" of snow each year, which is about half of the average for Massachusetts.

    Their average of 26" actually seems a little high to me, but I wasn't able to find much other information. However, I was able to find some info about the chances of snow each month, which says there's only about a 3% chance of snow on Nantucket at this point of November.

    Do you have any photos of the snow on Nantucket? We'd love to see them!

  • Tips for Decorating Your Entryway

    Decorating your Entryway

    Cape Cod Islands Wood Chart Used for Decorating Your Entryway

    The entry to your house is where all those first impressions begin. Adding a few choice personal touches like a wooden nautical chart is essential for establishing and anchoring those first impressions. Especially during Thanksgiving and other holiday events, it is important to have the entryway spruced up with functional style. The following are some different ideas for making an impression with your own homes gateway.

    Decorating Your Entryway with Smaller Items

    Using a few small simple items offers less clutter while also adding character. The key is placement with surrounding items. One easy way of accomplishing that is by adding a small table. Here are some examples of placing ships boats and a map:

    Some popular entryway configurations contain a cushion with bench and/or hooks to hang coats and hats. If you have these then you might not want or need a table in the entryway. Instead of adding anything additional look at replacing items like the types of hooks you have, the cushions and what hangs on wall just above these. You could use anchor or other wall hooks alongside a detailed nautical chart, burlap prints, or wood signs. There are also nautical cushions to choose from such as the Anchor Throw Pillow with Rope or Starfish Pillow. Here are some examples of using wall hooks, maps, prints, cushions or large shop:

    Decorating Your Entryway with Larger Items

    Of course you could just as easily rely upon larger items and eliminate the time to gather some of the smaller decor. Even before you come into the house you could have a weathervane like the Copper Eagle with Fish or the Whale to establishing a theme. The door itself could have some additional elements such as the door knockers like the Brass Whale or Sailboat. A few well placed hooks alongside a larger 20 Inch Brass Porthole shop makes it easier to achieve a look while also being functional. You could also use larger maps of San Francisco & Bay Area or the Cape Cod and Islands. Of course nothing makes a statement like a 48” diameter ship’s wheel. Here are some examples using larger items:

    The Emporium of Nantucket carries a number of nautical accents to help shape an entryway. We have also started a Pinterest board called Entryway Decor Ideas we will continue to add ongoing items to. If you have any you found and would like to share or your own entryway pictures let us know by commenting below.


  • Style StACK: Layered Looks for Fall

    Style StACK: Layered Looks for Men

    Preppy Fall 2013

    Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt for Preppy Fall 2013 Faded Navy Baseball Cap w/ Nantucket and Tuckernuck Islands for Preppy Fall 2013 NAVY MEN'S CABLE KNIT SWEATER - PIMA Cotton for for Preppy Fall 2013

    Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt

    Nantucket Brand

    Our crisp blue Oxford style button down shirt has a colored Nantucket Brand logo on the left chest and custom Nantucket Brand buttons. Made of 100% cotton and available in several colors.


    Faded Navy Baseball Cap w/ Nantucket and Tuckernuck Islands

    Harding - Lane

    This pre-washed, deep fitting baseball cap is made of 100% cotton with needlepoint embroidery. It features a classic, faded look perfect for a day of golfing or fishing.



    Navy Cable Knit Sweater

    Nantucket Brand

    This elegant navy blue sweater is made of ultra-soft, 100% pima cotton and 12-gauge cable knit. Features a crewneck style for a classic, casual look.


    Striped Anchor Needlepoint Belt for Preppy Fall 2013 Khaki Flat Front Brant Point Pants (Men’s) for Preppy Fall 2013 Whalers Suede Loafers for Preppy Fall 2013

    Striped Anchor Needlepoint Belt

    Smathers & Branson

    This nautical themed belt is hand-stitched for quality assurance and finished with a chestnut colored leather strap and brass buckle. Each belt is packaged in a handmade wooden gift box.

    Khaki Flat Front Brant Point Pants

    Nantucket Brand

    Our original khakis, these pants are made of soft, brushed cotton twill and double weighted waistband for added durability. The classic fit is neither too loose nor too baggy.


    Suede Loafers

    Austen Heller

    These suede loafers are perfect for blending style and comfort, and are handcrafted in Europe with a soft calfskin lining and plush insole for added comfort. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles.


    Style StACK: Layered Looks for Women

    Preppy Fall 2013

    White Oxford Button Down Shirt (Women’s) for Preppy Fall 2013 Blythe Necklace in Midnight for Preppy Fall 2013 Navy Cable Knit Pima Cotton Sweater (Women’s) for Preppy Fall 2013

    White Oxford Button Down Shirt

    Nantucket Brand

    Our clean white Oxford style button down shirt has an embroidered Nantucket Brand logo on the left chest and custom Nantucket Brand buttons. Made of 100% cotton , this is a classic shirt that can be worn in multiple ways.


    Blythe Necklace in Midnight

    Loren Hope

    The Blythe necklace features a perfect combination of modern and vintage style and can be worn by itself or as a layered accessory with other necklaces.  Handmade in the USA.


    Navy Cable Knit Pima Cotton Sweater

    Nantucket Brand

    This navy blue sweater is made of soft 100% pima cotton and features a 12-gauge cable weave.  The V-neck design seamlessly walks the line between classic and daring, a perfect addition to any wardrobe.


    KHAKI WOMEN'S TWILL Pants for Preppy Fall 2013 Fabric Ballet Flats for Preppy Fall 2013 Light Blue Canvas Tote Bag for Preppy Fall 2013

    Khaki Women's Twill Pants

    Nantucket Brand

    Our khaki women's brushed cotton twill pants feature 2 slanted side pockets and 2 buttoned back pockets. Full length pants in a variety of colors. Pants are made from a soft, 100% cotton twill material.

    Fabric Ballet Flats

    Eliza B

    These nautical themed ballet flats are the perfect pair of flats to throw on for a comfortable day without sacrificing your sense of style. Multiple style options available.


    Light Blue Canvas Tote Bag

    Nantucket Brand

    Our light blue canvas tote bag is made with heavy cotton canvas for added durability, making it perfect as a hand bag. The white canvas bag features light blue handles, base and lining and 2 choice of embroidery on the side of the bag: the Nantucket Brand Whale and Compass logo or a Palmetto.


  • Nantucket in November

    Nantucket in November

    Photo of Nantucket in November. ©2013 Nantucket Brand

    Our Guide to Nantucket in November

    It's hard to believe we're already one week into November. Although a week has gone by, we wanted to tell you a little bit about Nantucket in November by highlighting a few events and telling you what to expect.

    Restaurants & Stores

    The island certainly begins to get a bit quieter as we head further into the "off-season." Some restaurants and stores have closed for the season, but more are still open - often with shorter hours. For the latest restaurant hours, it's best to check the Inquirer & shop's restaurant guide. They occasionally include a paper-guide in the newspaper showing what is currently open. If you can't find it, just give the restaurant a call before showing up.

    As mentioned, most downtown stores are open, at least until sometime around Christmas, and many stay open in some capacity all year-round. That includes our two retail stores: Nantucket Brand Clothing and The Emporium of Nantucket. Again, try calling before showing up - especially if you're planning to shop downtown on Nantucket in November.


    The Nantucket Whaling Museum is still open, but only on weekends. Their Foggy Facts & Fictions exhibit, where one of our dresses is displayed, ends on November 10th. If you haven't been yet, make plans for this weekend! Unfortunately, most of the NHA's historic sites close before November.

    Thanksgiving on Nantucket

    Of course, November means Thanksgiving. Nantucket is a great place for this feasting holiday. The weather is cool and the trees are mostly barren giving the perfect fall look and feel for a real New England Thanksgiving. In fact, Vice President Joe Biden has celebrated 36 straight Thanksgiving holidays on Nantucket.

    On Thanksgiving day, November 28th this year, the 12th annual Cold Turkey Plunge will take place at Children's Beach. If you're brave, take the plunge and dive in. The event benefits the Nantucket Atheneum. Register ahead of time and help them reach their goal of raising $75,000.

    The day after Thanksgiving typically means the beginning of the Christmas season, and it's no different on Nantucket. Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Chamber of Commerce holds the Christmas Tree Lighting on Main Street. Trees line all of the downtown sidewalks and are decorated by various community groups, schoolchildren, businesses, and others ahead of time. Then around 5pm, all the trees are lit and the Christmas Carols begin.

    This certainly isn't a comprehensive guide to Nantucket in November, but it's a great start. Let us know in the comments what else you'd suggest!

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