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  • Why Vampire Weekend is the Ultimate Preppy Band

    Vampire Weekend is one of the most unabashedly preppy bands today. Although their funky and catchy tunes showcase a mashup of instruments, influences, and ideas, preppy references dominate most of their hits. Songs like “Walcott” and “Oxford Comma” show that Vampire Weekend love the preppy things in life, and want to share it with the world. Here’s what solidifies their status as the ultimate preppy band:

    Vampire Weekend Escape to the Cape

    Cape Cod is the go-to summer destination for preps. Vampire Weekend has only made three albums but there are a dozen songs that reference Cape Cod, including “Walcott” and “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.” Lead singer Ezra Koenig doesn’t just name-check Cape Cod, he gets specific and gives a shout out to Wellfleet and Provincetown, suggesting he knows his way around the Cape.

    Vampire Weekend Love Art and Architecture

    Art and architecture is as ingrained in the preppy lifestyle as the crests on our Ivy League blazers. Vampire Weekend sings about the mansard roof, a style of architecture commonly found in New England, as well as minimalist sculptor Richard Serra. Members of the Talking Heads may have gone to RISD, but they didn’t name drop artists like they were hobnobbing with Andy Warhol at the Factory.

    Vampire Weekend's Music is like Haute Bourgeoisie Film

    Featuring harpsichords and gospel pianos, and showcasing strong Afropop influences, Vampire Weekend’s songs are as distinctly quaint and precious as Wes Anderson’s diorama settings and Whit Stillman’s dialogue. These eclectic filmmakers, along with Woody Allen, form the trifecta of preppy cinema.  Vampire Weekend's unique style could be a soundtrack for any of these filmmakers next masterpiece.

    Vampire Weekend Live the Preppy Lifestyle

    Vampire Weekend escaped NYC and wrote their third album at a saltbox cottage on Martha’s Vineyard, which is one of the preppiest destinations on the Eastern Seaboard. In fact, if you take a lap around your Edgartown summer party to freshen up the guests’ drinks, you might even see members of the band playing croquet or slapping dominoes with those lacrosse guys from Brown.

    Vampire Weekend Admire Good Diction

    “Oxford Comma” is a song about grammar that has the power to get even the most firmly planted wallflower out on the dance floor. To think Vampire Weekend’s tune is a critique of linguistic imperialism and 19th century intellectuals who favored structure over content –now that’s a cocktail hour conversation that all preppies love.

    Vampire Weekend Appreciate Classy Etiquette

    “The lobster’s claws are sharp as knives” is a lyric from the song "Walcott." It's also why preps favor lobster rolls over cracking boiled lobsters. Wearing a lobster bib over an Oxford shirt is a classless fashion foible, especially if you’re trying to woo a party host into accepting an invitation to America's Cup.

    Vampire Weekend Revere Ivy League Lyrics

    The references in Vampire Weekend's songs come as fast and furious as a New England Nor’easter. It’s like playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but instead of connecting Kevin Bacon to other actors, you connect lyrical references to liberal arts classes. Some references are geographical –Angkor Wat, Astor, Babylon -while others are esoteric: Dies Irae, Dar es Salaam, Dome of the Rock.

    Along with wooden tennis rackets, flirting, and drinking Pimm's on the lawn, preps love educated lyrics. Put Vampire Weekend on the stereo and you'll not only have every prep on the East Coast showing up at the door, but you might lure the mermaids out of the sea, too.

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  • Enter the #HopAboard Photo Contest today!

    #HopAboard Photo Contest

    Do you spend your weekends sailing the high seas? Are all the rooms in your house decorated in nautical style? Are you always wearing your Nantucket Brand seersucker dress or cable-knit pullover?

    We want to see the best images of your nautically-inspired life for our monthly #HopAboard Photo Contest!

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  • 5 Ways to Decorate with Porthole Mirrors


    Nautical decor has come a long way, and a classically styled porthole mirror is one of the best ways to add a nautical touch to any room. Finishes are available in brass, bronze, and nickel, as well as distressed blue and red to suit any color scheme.

    So where do you want to hang that porthole mirror? The options are endless, so we decided to offer you five solid ideas you can use in your own home without much trouble. Visualize each option in your home, and pick the one that will best suit your decor.

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  • 10 Signs You’re a Total Prep

    10 Signs your a Total Prep

    Being a prep isn’t just about dressing a certain way. The true prepster understands that being preppy is a complete lifestyle. Sure, it’s about the clothes, but it’s also about the attitude, the hobbies you engage in, the interests you have, and so much more. Simply put, if you’re a true prep, it extends to every part of your life.

    Here are 10 signs you could be a total prep.

    1. You're a master of traditional social graces

    The prepster adheres to Emily Post etiquette and always stays classy, even when around those who are not. This includes doing things like hand writing thank-you notes, always arriving at the party with a gift for the hostess, and simply being gracious.

    2. You have the wardrobe essentials

    While preppy fashion is always evolving, there are some traditional outfits that are always in style. for women, a shift dress with a soft cardigan and pumps is a classic look. For guys, a white oxford shirt with a navy jacket and khaki pants is a go-to outfit.

    3. Your athletic pursuits include traditional, country club sports

    Forget basketball, football, or baseball. Preps gravitate toward “classier” sports, like lacrosse, tennis, sailing, croquet, badminton, and crew.

    4. You’ve been to the Kentucky Derby

    It’s the Super Bowl for preppy sports. The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky that attracts prepsters of all stripes who are dressed the part and are there to enjoy a tasty mint julep.

    5. You're always well groomed

    Proper grooming and excellent personal hygiene are true cornerstones of the preppy life. A prep truly cares about his or her personal appearance and takes steps to preserve it, including showering daily, moisturizing, keeping nails trimmed and clean, and grooming facial and body hair carefully. Simply put, no sloppiness allowed.

    6. You love monogrammed accessories

    Can you really be a prep if you don’t own at least one thing that has your initials monogrammed on it? From stationary to handbags and shirt cuffs to hand towels, monograms add class and style to many types of accessories.

    7. You would rather wear khakis than jeans

    Sure, blue jeans are now allowed for preps, but only begrudgingly so. The true prep is much more comfortable in cotton khakis than in denim jeans.

    8. You prefer cocktails over beer

    Cocktail hour is an integral part of the preppy lifestyle. The prep's cocktails of choice include the Martini, Dark & Stormy, Manhattan, Mint Julep, and Cape Codder, to name a few.

    9. You’re in shape, but not overly muscular

    Preps take care of their bodies. They are never exceedingly overweight, but they are also not overly muscular either. Their bodies are athletic but understated and don’t attract much attention.

    10. You keep accessories to a minimum

    As mentioned in the last point, being a prep isn't about attracting attention to yourself. This is especially important when it comes to wearing accessories. You must be careful not to overdo it and look too flashy, or worse, like you're wearing a costume. Instead pick one or two accessories that you love and go with that.

    Now, be honest – are you a true prep?

  • Summer Traditions in Beach Towns

    Article graphicSummerTraditions

    Quirky, unique charm is one of the best reasons we all love visiting (or living in) resort towns. From vacation havens to summer pilgrimages, getting to our favorite ‘home away from home’ is a great way to see what America is really all about at its core.

    What really distinguishes these towns is the traditions and customs they each carry. Check out these three great examples of some fun traditions a few small towns offer visitors and residents.

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  • What is Nautical Style Clothing?


    Nautical style is one of the most popular subsets of the preppy style. It includes enduring items such as cable knit sweaters, boat shoes and new takes such as anchor hoodies. Many people are under the impression that designers, at a loss for a new fashion cue, simply appropriated the style from the clothes being worn by those involved in nautical pursuits. However, the actual story is far more interesting than that.

    The term ‘preppy’ has now become quite a generic one and its original meaning is often forgotten. The ‘prep’ in ‘preppy’ refers to the university-preparatory schools in the Northeastern U.S. Wealthy families have been sending their children to these schools for well over 100 years to prepare them for what they hope will be an Ivy League tertiary education. At both the preparatory schools and Ivy League universities, there has always been a strong focus on extra-curricular activities.

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  • Style Guide by A Touch of Southern Grace

    Cable Knit Sweater outfit

    On her blog, A Touch of Southern Grace, Lauren proves appreciation for quality, classic clothing knows no geographic boundaries.  In a recent post to her blog featuring fashion, décor and all things southern, Lauren shares her love for our very own Women's Cable Knit Sweater.  She emphasizes the comfort, style and versatility of the Cable Knit Sweater, as a piece she has paired with jeans and leggings in colder weather and plans to couple with a cute, white skirt in spring and summer.

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  • A History of Preppy Clothing


    Preppy clothing’s roots can be traced back to the private universities of the early 1900s in the Northeastern United States. More specifically, it was considered as a uniquely Ivy League way to dress. Those who attended Ivy League schools were usually quite affluent and had grown up with old money. As a result, this style of clothing reflected popular upper class activities in New England at the time, such as rowing, golf, polo, and sailing. Historically, the style is associated with being well-educated and having a high income, but things have changed over the years and now people from all walks of life are welcomed to enjoy these clothes.

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