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  • Catch of the Day: Save $50 on Cable Knit Sweaters

    Cable Knit Sweaters

    Save $50 on Men's & Women's Cable Knit Sweaters

    REGULAR: $89 TODAY: $39

    Today's catch is our classically styled cable knit sweater. We've got cable knit sweaters for everyone! These soft sweaters provide a classy and classic look. Perfect for layering without adding the bulk. Our cable knit sweaters are made from 100% soft pima cotton so you'll be warm and comfortable while reeling in those compliments.




  • Catch of the Day Coming Soon!


    Ahoy Sailors!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! We are proud to announce that we're launching a 'Catch of the Day' series of deals starting this Friday 12/5/2014. Each day, we'll feature a new item, or group of items, at an great price. Each deal will only be valid for 24 hours.

    We've already got a few deals picked out, but we also want to hear from you. What do you want to see offered as a Daily Deal? We can't promise to include all requests, but we'll certainly listen to your suggestions. If you have something in mind, feel free to email us back, send us a message on Facebook, or send us a share on Twitter.

    Remember, you have to be on our email list to get first dibs on these offers! If you are not yet subscribed, sign up here:


  • Introducing: Custom Lined Shorts

    Custom Lined Shorts


    Custom Lined Shorts on Shingled Wall
    • Choose from 4 colors: Foggy Blue, Bold Red, Light Bluefish, 1776 Seersucker
    • Every color features 2 awesome linings including a Nantucket Map
    • Wood buttons on front closure and back pockets
    • Brass YKK Zipper
    • Made in USA in a small batch to ensure the best quality
    • Two hook and loop back pockets
    • Better fit: We've developed our exclusive Whaler fit to eliminate droop and keep the shorts above your knees

    Choose a color Choose a Lining

  • Father's Day Gift Guide

    It's hard to believe that June is nearly upon us. Of course, that means Father's Day is  just around the corner, falling on Sunday June 15 this year. This is a special Father's Day for me, since it's the first since my son was born. I am certainly proud of my little guy and happy to be "honored", but the past 9 months have really given me a new appreciation for my own dad.

    Although I've just gotten started, I already know it's not an easy job. One of the biggest challenges I've found is is managing time effectively. Similar to me, my dad ran his own business, which provided some flexibility but also meant he was never done with work. Yet he still somehow always found time to run his construction business, take our family on vacation, ski in New Hampshire nearly every other winter weekend, play catch with us in the driveway, coach soccer and baseball teams, run the youth soccer program, Nantucket Little League, and Babe Ruth League, put together new toys and inevitably fix those same toys, play tennis and take us to the beach on summer weekends, and so much more. When I think about all my dad did - and still does - for me, it makes me think he must have been crazy to take so much on. However, it also inspires me to want to do everything I can for my own son.

    Hopefully, there's a father in your life that's does everything he can to be a great dad. It may be your own father, your grandfather, or husband. We've put together a Father Day Gift Guide with some ideas of what to get him to show your appreciation. Whatever you choose, be sure to spend some time together, call him, or write a note.

    Father's Day Gift Guide

    Men's Seersucker Shorts Navy Shorts Linen Button Down Shirts
    Golf Pullover Red Tie Nautical Charts
    Happy Hour Wood Sign
    Rope Coaster Set Wall Mount Opener Happy Hour Sign

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  • A Quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • What Sets Our Seersucker Shorts Apart?

    The Best Seersucker Shorts?

    seersuckershorts_webOur seersucker shorts are consistently among our most popular items and we believe we make the best seersucker shorts around. This is testament both to the timeless, classic style of seersucker as a summer style, as well as the quality of our product. 

    We take everything into account when making our shorts, starting with 100% cotton seersucker fabric. Many seersucker fabrics are a cotton/poly blend, which makes them less breathable - one of seersucker's best qualities. No matter the color or print, we always make sure to use 100% cotton seersucker in our shorts.
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  • Montauk Madras Dress

    Get a Free Hooded Sweater with your Montauk Madras Dress order

    Expires May 31, 2014

    madrasdressl_webIt's that time of year for madras dresses. Perfect for summer cocktail parties, shopping in town, or evening strolls. A staple of Nantucket style, the madras dress has reached classic status far beyond the shores of Nantucket.

    Madras dresses have been one of our most popular items for years. A previous style of our madras dress was even worn by Bethenny Frankel on her show a few years ago. We currently have one madras dress style available: our Montauk Madras Dress. We've improved every part of the dress since and our very proud of the final product. 
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  • Where the Figawi?

    Where the Figawi?           For an explanation, see our recent post Legend of the 'Figawi' name.

  • Limited Edition Figawi Print (preorder now!)

    2014 Figawi Print

    We're excited to announce our brand new, limited edition, 2014 Figawi Burlap Print. We partnered with Maine's Fiber & Water on this hand made print. Our designer created this spiffy new graphic featuring a sailboat and the 2014 dates for Figawi weekend. Fiber & Water has taken that graphic and made it into an awesome new print on all natural burlap material. Each print features a white matte and a rustic brown driftwood frame. We're only producing a limited number of these 2014 Figawi prints. The first run should be ready in about 2 weeks. Pre-order yours before before Figawi and save $15. Be sure to check out the rest of the nautical burlap prints on our site.

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  • Style StACK: Memoral (Figawi) Weekend Style Guide

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