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Porthole shop Inspirations

If you have ever thought of redoing an area into a nautical theme, porthole shops offer a simple yet effective way to start. In fact, well placed porthole shops are a strong anchor for the eye within a nautical themed area or room. What makes them so versatile, besides the look, are the different sizes allowing for flexibility in your porthole shop design. Although you can use a larger porthole shop with great effect, the use of smaller shops in pairs or triplets is also just as effective. Recently Nantucket Brand discovered some great inspirational pieces that showcase porthole shops in action. If you have an area needing a bit of nautical charm try these on for size. Items mentioned: porthole shopsnautical knobsnautical accents

Porthole shop Room Design Ideas

Three Porthole shops in Action

Recently a Nantucket Brand customer sent us some images of their nautical nursery. One of the images uses three porthole shops to effectively anchor the nautical theme of an area of the room. These shops are delightfully enhanced by the added lighthouse and cleat drawer pulls.

Decor Take-Away: Use three porthole shops in an area for an anchoring effect. Try different configurations such as three horizontal, or three vertical, or staggered until you get the proper effect within that area of the room.

Two Porthole shop Designs

Here is a great use of two porthole shops with a closet providing a bit of functionality within the design. Two porthole shop configurations work especially as a way to balance an area. These shops worked well without supporting accents however some nautical door pulls and maybe some small starfish might add more interest. The key is balancing that interest without cluttering the effect that comes from adding too many items. You can see the clutter effect more easily with shelves that lack focus such as here:

Decor Take-Away: use two porthole shops for a balancing effect. Although these sometimes carry by themselves, try using a few accents without moving towards the cluttered effect.

One Porthole shop Designs

When using a large enough porthole shop, the right area, or a combination of supporting nautical accents, one porthole shop can achieve the desired effect. Consider the front door effect as seen below. The size of shop in proportion to the door and the type of door make this worth it.

Another way to go with one porthole shop is by using supporting color and nautical pieces such as this one with nautical stripes and lights on each side

Although this last one borders on clutter with each painting competing for attention in such a small space, the oars and functionality make this work

Decor Take-Away: use a larger item such as the 20 inch diameter nickel porthole shop or try a smaller shop with supporting items such as nautical lights or starfish.

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