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  • Prep School: Intro to Preppy Style

    So you have decided to change your style this year and go for the “preppy” look. The fashion you were sporting last year is played out, and you want a new look that matches your upwardly-mobile attitude. Are you sure you know what you are looking for?  Let's go to prep school and find out.


    What is “preppy” anyway? The term conjures images of Ivy League students, games of polo or cricket, or hanging out at the golf or yacht club. defines “preppy” as either “1. a person who is a student at or a graduate of a preparatory school or 2. a person who favors or is viewed as favoring clothing style or behavior associated with traditional preparatory schools.” (Source:

    Maybe you are not rich, not going to an Ivy League school and do not own a yacht, but you feel the style reflects your attitude.  Zero in on the key elements of this preppy style and select some that match your own.


    Preppy style invokes words like clean, classic, fresh, and educated. A quick search delivers images of clothing made of materials like tweed, seersucker, madras, corduroy and of course khaki. The color styles vary, but it is safe to stick with the classics like grey, beige, white, navy and more recently, pastels.

    Starting at the feet, boat shoes or penny loafers are the quintessential preppy shoe.  Go with the boat shoe – socks are optional and this shoe works for men or women.


    Working upward, beige khaki or navy blue slacks, corduroy slacks or smart looking jeans are standard for men. More options come into play with men’s shorts, like blue seersucker, checkered madras or more simple cotton twill shorts. Traditionally, preppy women wear skirts or dresses, often pleated, but for sportier events don slacks or something casual like a madras skirt.

    Preppy shirts are pretty easy. A classic button-down shirt, white, pastel or checkered, or a polo shirt will suffice for men or women. While talking torso coverings, you can’t forget the sweater, particularly in the fall or winter. Wool, cardigan and the legendary cashmere sweaters for women are part and parcel to the prep look.

    Casual jackets are a common accoutrement to this style, with seersucker and tweed as the preppy front runners.  Add sunglasses, a tie and maybe a cigar to show off your newly adopted preppy look and successful attitude.  Remember, preppy is as much about the attitude as it is the clothes.


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  • Timeless and Versatile - The Cable Knit Tennis Sweater


    Written by:  Carrie of Carrie On Blogs

    One of my favorite things to do is to spend time in my closet coming up with new outfits. I really enjoy making pieces more or less casual. When I got this perfectly classic sweater I decided I wanted to try and make it a little more casual. Pairing the sweater with some riding boots, jeans, and cute necklaces did just that! Everyone needs timeless pieces that are suitable for every occasion. The Cable Knit Tennis Sweater is the perfect sweater for year-round wear. Whether you dress it up or dress it down this sweater always looks amazing.






    Carrie is a young Texas blogger with a passion and eye for all things fashion and make-up.  Her personal clothing preferences lean toward preppy with a dash of boho and we encourage you to take a peek into her life and style here.


  • YourTypicalPrep's Style Guide featuring our Cable Knit Tennis Sweater

    Cable Knit Sweater Style GuideToday we have a guest post from blogger Caitlin Cooper of YourTypicalPrep. Caitlin recently tried our Cable Knit Tennis Sweater and loved it. Here's what she had to say: Continue reading

  • Style StACK: Memoral (Figawi) Weekend Style Guide

    stylesack_figawiweekend Continue reading

  • Southern Chic: Kentucky Derby Style


    The Kentucky Derby brings to mind thoughts of galloping hooves, mint juleps, the Garland of Roses and "My Old Kentucky Home." However, what truly sets the Derby ahead of the pack for many is its elegant fashion tradition. Read on to learn more about how to execute spot-on Kentucky Derby style with a little help from Nantucket Brand. Continue reading

  • Gentlemen, meet your favorite new shorts

    Men's Seersucker Shorts Sale

    Seersucker shorts are a classic staple of the American man’s summer wardrobe. We grew up running (and sailing) around in seersucker and still wear it to this day. It’s breathable, cool, and perfect for warm weather.

    Although we love seersucker, we didn’t love the fit of most of the seersucker shorts available. Typically, they’re too baggy and boxy. Occasionally they’re way too short. We’ve spent the last few years perfecting the fit of our shorts are are proud to offer our Whaler Shorts: great fitting men’s shorts with attention to all the details. Order by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday April 8, 2014 and save $25 with coupon code FAVSHORTS.

    • Made in USA. These shorts were made in an American factory to ensure top quality. Plus, you’ll be proud to wear a American-made shorts.
    • 9” inseam. This length typically keeps the shorts just above your knees - exactly where they belong.
    • 100% cotton. Seersucker is often made from a poly/cotton blend, but that doesn’t work for us. We’ve made sure this fabric is 100% natural cotton to allow for maximum breathability and the softest feel.
    • Nylon zipper. More durable and less likely to break than metal zippers.
    • 2 side pockets. Angled just right to give your arm a natural position when using, but not angled enough to allow items to fall out easily.
    • White lining. We’ve chosen a lightweight, solid white 100% cotton lining for these shorts.
    • Two buttoned back pockets. Keep your wallet in place in the pocket of your choice.
    • Striped blue and white pattern. This is the most common seersucker pattern, and for good reason. It’s simple but fun, pairs well with any solid shirt, and still carries a bit of summer sophistication.

    These shorts come in two patterns: classic blue & white striped, as well as blue & white check, a slight departure from the typical seersucker pattern.

    Click below and order by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday April 8, 2014 and save $25 with coupon code FAVSHORTS.

    Blue & White Striped Seersucker Shorts Men's Blue & White Striped Seersucker Shorts. Made in USA from 100% cotton seersucker.
    Blue Gingham Check Seersucker Shorts Men's Blue Gingham Check Seersucker Shorts. 100% cotton seersucker. Made in USA.
  • What to Wear with Madras This Summer

    What to Wear MadrasAll season long, Nantucket Island swarms with nature's most vibrant, inviting color palettes. Sunrises brighten our mornings with purple and skies, hilly bogs fill with maroon and red cranberries, and the deep blue tides turn frothy and white as they crash toward our shores. We think that's why madras and Massachusetts go so well together; the distinct, colorful plaid fabric is a summertime essential, and we offer several ways to style it just right for your own Nantucket adventures. Don't miss the video at the bottom with Bill Murray talking about Madras!

    Simply Madras

    It's easy to figure out what to wear with madras if you stick to one rule: keep it simple! When it comes to accessorizing such bright colors, soft is safe and showy is too extreme. We do offer several options in lighter, more muted patterns; it's okay to bring out a pale blue scheme with pops of neon, but neutral is best for the rest of it. The vibrant colors in our madras apparel really shine when we pair them with white, tan, or gray fabric that stays out of the way.

    Madras dresses

    Madras DressesWe offer madras dresses in both halter and shift cuts, with patterns that vary in intensity but share a palette of pinks and reds.

    Our Montauk madras shift dress is bursting with the rainbow's warmest colors; strips of lavender are scattered throughout a pattern dominated by bold neon pink, bright yellow, and oranges that range from peach to deep blood orange. Its flattering bateau neckline doesn't leave room for a necklace, but jewelry should be kept to a minimum anyway to let the dress make the statement. Simple earrings from Loren Hope, such as delicate Sophia studs with coral glass stones, offer a subtle complement to the dress's color spectrum.

    Madras skirts

    Madras SkirtsSkirts are versatile summer staples that add a feminine touch and breezy comfort to strolls along the beach, afternoon lunches, and even trips to the mainland. We think madras skirts are even better at making you look confident and comfortable, especially when you accent them with elegant jewelry.

    For a final addition to your green Madaket madras harbor skirt, drape Loren Hope's long, gold-plated turquoise pendant necklace over a white tank top or tee. Meanwhile, Kiel James Patrick's hand-knotted Adalie Sunkiss sailing bracelet is a perfect match for the aquamarine, perwinkle, and salmon in our mid-thigh or knee-length Beach House madras skirt.

    Women's Madras Hoodies

    Madras HoodiesMadras has continued to evolve since its journey from the marketplaces of South India to the shoes of Nantucket Island. It was first crafted in Madras (now Chennai), India, with the hot sun in mind, and it's still sported under that same sun every summer. Thanks to the addition of women's hoodies to our inventory, you can incorporate it into your nighttime wardrobe too.

    After the sun sets and the sand gets chilly, strike up a bonfire and spend the evening in our Newport madras hoodie sweatshirt. With black that matches the starry sky and blues pulled straight from the ocean (including the pale blue of its soft, terry cloth lining), it's a fitting choice for a night on the beach. Channel seaside nostalgia with Eliza B. leather ascots in stingrcobalt blue.

    Women's Madras Pants & Madras Shorts

    Madras PantsOur Myrtle Beach madras pattern is one of our favorites. Its patchwork pastels are feminine and summery, and it's easy to find a shirt in pale pink, green, blue, or yellow. Because it's available in shorts, Bermuda shorts, or pants, that shirt can be anything from a tank top to a silk blouse, depending on the event you'll be attending. If it's a casual one, we recommend a Harding-Lane needlepoint hat like their pale blue mermaid hat. And if you're going formal in the form-fitting pants, make a statement with Loren Hope's small dahlia cuff in lilac; each of the brass bracelet's five, hand-polished glass petals are surrounded by real Swarovski crystals.

    Men's Madras Shorts

    Madras ShortsEsquire Magazine called shorts the "easiest" way for men to introduce madras into their wardrobe. They recommend a simple, plain white T-shirt to pull off the loud pattern as casually as possible. To support the neutral, laid-back look, opt for the white cotton and split leather in Kiel James Patrick's Mariner and Cape Poge Bay sailor rope bracelet.

    Our loudest pair by far are the Marblehead madras whaler shorts, on which patches of bright green, picnic-blanket gingham are stitched between a variety of bold plaid squares, some in matching shades of green and others in jarringly sophisticated deep reds and blues. Offset the potential for clashes by bringing out those patriotic hues. Try a Smathers & Branson cotton twill, needlepoint hat; they have plenty of choices in both faded rust and navy, which are adorned with everything from a mako shark to a fishing lure. To really balance out this ensemble, we recommend a navy hat with a sea turtle that unites the bright greens and dark blues in one swift move.

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  • What to Wear with Seersucker this Summer

    Seersucker This Summer
    Seersucker Summer ChoicesOne of the best things about summer is the wardrobe. Nantucket Island is never more beautiful and relaxing than when we’re underneath the summer sun, being rocked by the tides or the salty ocean breeze. Seersucker fabric is a lightweight summertime favorite among the nautical at heart, thanks to a unique weaving process that creates its signature “crinkled” look and airy feel. The fabric is designed to touch the skin as little as possible, leaving plenty of air to circulate and warding off heat and moisture. Continue reading

  • Style StACK: Layered Looks for Fall

    Style StACK: Layered Looks for Men

    Preppy Fall 2013

    Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt for Preppy Fall 2013 Faded Navy Baseball Cap w/ Nantucket and Tuckernuck Islands for Preppy Fall 2013 NAVY MEN'S CABLE KNIT SWEATER - PIMA Cotton for for Preppy Fall 2013

    Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt

    Nantucket Brand

    Our crisp blue Oxford style button down shirt has a colored Nantucket Brand logo on the left chest and custom Nantucket Brand buttons. Made of 100% cotton and available in several colors.


    Faded Navy Baseball Cap w/ Nantucket and Tuckernuck Islands

    Harding - Lane

    This pre-washed, deep fitting baseball cap is made of 100% cotton with needlepoint embroidery. It features a classic, faded look perfect for a day of golfing or fishing.



    Navy Cable Knit Sweater

    Nantucket Brand

    This elegant navy blue sweater is made of ultra-soft, 100% pima cotton and 12-gauge cable knit. Features a crewneck style for a classic, casual look.


    Striped Anchor Needlepoint Belt for Preppy Fall 2013 Khaki Flat Front Brant Point Pants (Men’s) for Preppy Fall 2013 Whalers Suede Loafers for Preppy Fall 2013

    Striped Anchor Needlepoint Belt

    Smathers & Branson

    This nautical themed belt is hand-stitched for quality assurance and finished with a chestnut colored leather strap and brass buckle. Each belt is packaged in a handmade wooden gift box.

    Khaki Flat Front Brant Point Pants

    Nantucket Brand

    Our original khakis, these pants are made of soft, brushed cotton twill and double weighted waistband for added durability. The classic fit is neither too loose nor too baggy.


    Suede Loafers

    Austen Heller

    These suede loafers are perfect for blending style and comfort, and are handcrafted in Europe with a soft calfskin lining and plush insole for added comfort. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles.


    Style StACK: Layered Looks for Women

    Preppy Fall 2013

    White Oxford Button Down Shirt (Women’s) for Preppy Fall 2013 Blythe Necklace in Midnight for Preppy Fall 2013 Navy Cable Knit Pima Cotton Sweater (Women’s) for Preppy Fall 2013

    White Oxford Button Down Shirt

    Nantucket Brand

    Our clean white Oxford style button down shirt has an embroidered Nantucket Brand logo on the left chest and custom Nantucket Brand buttons. Made of 100% cotton , this is a classic shirt that can be worn in multiple ways.


    Blythe Necklace in Midnight

    Loren Hope

    The Blythe necklace features a perfect combination of modern and vintage style and can be worn by itself or as a layered accessory with other necklaces.  Handmade in the USA.


    Navy Cable Knit Pima Cotton Sweater

    Nantucket Brand

    This navy blue sweater is made of soft 100% pima cotton and features a 12-gauge cable weave.  The V-neck design seamlessly walks the line between classic and daring, a perfect addition to any wardrobe.


    KHAKI WOMEN'S TWILL Pants for Preppy Fall 2013 Fabric Ballet Flats for Preppy Fall 2013 Light Blue Canvas Tote Bag for Preppy Fall 2013

    Khaki Women's Twill Pants

    Nantucket Brand

    Our khaki women's brushed cotton twill pants feature 2 slanted side pockets and 2 buttoned back pockets. Full length pants in a variety of colors. Pants are made from a soft, 100% cotton twill material.

    Fabric Ballet Flats

    Eliza B

    These nautical themed ballet flats are the perfect pair of flats to throw on for a comfortable day without sacrificing your sense of style. Multiple style options available.


    Light Blue Canvas Tote Bag

    Nantucket Brand

    Our light blue canvas tote bag is made with heavy cotton canvas for added durability, making it perfect as a hand bag. The white canvas bag features light blue handles, base and lining and 2 choice of embroidery on the side of the bag: the Nantucket Brand Whale and Compass logo or a Palmetto.


  • Style StACK: America's Cup

    Style StACK: America's Cup

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