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  • Wood Carved Nautical Charts

    Wood Carving Cape Cod

    The waters of the sea are rolling hills of fluid motion hiding all that goes below. Unlike land which displays its’ smaller caves and crevices, the sea shelters the many canyons and hillsides living under it’s waters. A sailor needs to know what lies below and nautical charts help with this but most are flat renditions. A bathymetric chart is the underwater equivalent of a topographic map and is the basis for The Emporium of Nantucket’s wood carved nautical charts. These 3D wooden charts reveal what the sea has hidden. Continue reading

  • Daily Deal: Nantucket Nautical Chart Coasters 30% off

    Nantucket Nautical Chart Coasters  These Nantucket Nautical Chart coasters make a great gift. Each coaster is carved from a large block of tumbled marble, making each coaster unique. Features a nautical chart of Nantucket Island. Sold in sets of 4. Each coaster measures 4" x 4". Save 30% today and get yours for $34.95.

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