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  • What is Nautical Style Clothing?


    Nautical style is one of the most popular subsets of the preppy style. It includes enduring items such as cable knit sweaters, boat shoes and new takes such as anchor hoodies. Many people are under the impression that designers, at a loss for a new fashion cue, simply appropriated the style from the clothes being worn by those involved in nautical pursuits. However, the actual story is far more interesting than that.

    The term ‘preppy’ has now become quite a generic one and its original meaning is often forgotten. The ‘prep’ in ‘preppy’ refers to the university-preparatory schools in the Northeastern U.S. Wealthy families have been sending their children to these schools for well over 100 years to prepare them for what they hope will be an Ivy League tertiary education. At both the preparatory schools and Ivy League universities, there has always been a strong focus on extra-curricular activities.

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  • Introducing Nautical Style In Your Home

    nautical style

    Nautical home decor has been around since the beginning of the seafaring world. However, as with all things, it has changed and evolved over the years from being found exclusively in homes of sea captains and in coastal homes to be found in any city around the world. But with each trend and change, the true nautical style remains timeless.

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  • Home ACKcents: Beach House

    Home ACKcents - Beach House Style

    Home ACKcents: Beach House Styles

    Create the perfect beach getaway with our nautical accents. Read our guide on how to get started on your beach home.

    1) Create a welcoming entry with our Nautical Gone Sailing Hooked Wool Area Rug.


    2) Deck the hallswith our Porthole shops.


    3) Replace old drawer pullswith a nautical touch using our Nautical Drawer Pulls and Knobs.


    4) Light the waywith Oil-Burning Lanterns.


    5) Create a nautical themed bedroomwith our Nautical Quilts and Bedding.

  • Introducing The Emporium of Nantucket Site

    Introducing The Emporium of Nantucket. Our new nautical decor and gifts site

    The Emporium of Nantucket: New Website

    We're excited to introduce the new look of our nautical decor and gifts site. The Emporium of Nantucket offers nautically inspired artwork, home accents, and unique gifts. The new site offers improved navigation, a dedicated design, and focuses solely on our decor and gifts. The site will still use the same checkout and accounts.

    If you haven't checked out our decor site in the past, we invite you to take a take a look around and keep the site in mind when decorating your rooms with nautical accents or if you just need a unique nautical gift. Some of our most popular items include our porthole shops, wooden nautical charts, handmade wooden signs, doorknockers, candles by Colonial Candle, and burlap nautical prints.

    In celebration of our new website, we're offering a 30% off discount on all items now through Monday, July 22nd. Use code EMP30 at checkout. Go see our new site now at

    This coupon code is expired. To be among the first to know about future sales, subscribe to our email newsletter, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or add us on Google+.

  • Home ACK-cents: Nauti-Bar

    Home ACKcents: Nautical Bar


    Update your home bar with our nautical accents. Serve your guests in style with elegant and nautical inspired bartop accessories.

    1) Rope Coaster Set in Wooden Box. Dress up your bar with this rope coaster set. Includes (4) rope coasters in a wooden box. The box features a brass clasp and a brass anchor on top. Box measures 4.5" x 4.5" and 2" tall.

    2) Nickel Bottle Openers. Every bar needs a good (looking) opener. This opener is available in 3 handle patterns. Each features a nickel opener with a shell composite handle. 

    3) Dice Set. Enjoy your next beverage while playing a game of Liar's Dice or put this wooden set to use along with a backgammon board. This set of dice is made from wood with brass on the face to indicated the number. Fttingly, the dice set comes in a wood box decorated as a large die. The set consists of 5 dice. Box measures 3.5” square.

    Bonus) Wall Mounted Opener with Anchor. This brass bottle opener is a great addition to your nautical bar. Opener feature an anchor emblem and mounts to wall. 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches. Screws are included.

    Seaside Signs

    No bar is complete without a sign! Our wood signs add rustic charm to your bare walls. Choose from an existing design (over 25 deisgns avaiable) or create your own. Each sign is handmade (in the USA!) and handpainted from unique pieces of reclaimed wood making each piece unique with variances in the look and shape of the wood. 

    4) Happy Hour Wood Sign. Measures approximately 19 inches x 25 inches. Great to hang at your bar or anywhere else you enjoy your cocktails.

    5) Nantucket Flag Wood Sign. The sign features the word Nantucket painted across the center in red with a blue shape. Sign is shaped like a nautical flag. This nautical wood art measures approximately 16 inches x 22 inches.

    6) Custom Wood Sign. Design your own sign! Choose your size and let us know what you'd like for a design. Custom signs vary in price depending in the size.  

  • Decorate your door!

    Decorate your door with our doorknockers

    Decorate your door in style. Choose from our collection of nautical shell door knockers, Nantucket Lightship Basket door knockers, whale door knockers and more.

    Click to shop our door knocker collection now.

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