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  • What is Nautical Style Clothing?


    Nautical style is one of the most popular subsets of the preppy style. It includes enduring items such as cable knit sweaters, boat shoes and new takes such as anchor hoodies. Many people are under the impression that designers, at a loss for a new fashion cue, simply appropriated the style from the clothes being worn by those involved in nautical pursuits. However, the actual story is far more interesting than that.

    The term ‘preppy’ has now become quite a generic one and its original meaning is often forgotten. The ‘prep’ in ‘preppy’ refers to the university-preparatory schools in the Northeastern U.S. Wealthy families have been sending their children to these schools for well over 100 years to prepare them for what they hope will be an Ivy League tertiary education. At both the preparatory schools and Ivy League universities, there has always been a strong focus on extra-curricular activities.

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  • Prep School: Intro to Preppy Style


    So you have decided to change your style this year and go for the “preppy” look. The fashion you were sporting last year is played out, and you want a new look that matches your upwardly-mobile attitude. Are you sure you know what you are looking for?  Let's go to prep school and find out.

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  • Polo Shirt Sale: Buy One, Get One Free

    Nantucket Polo Shirt Sale: Buy One, Get One Free

    Buy one polo, get one free!

    Tennis or lunch, work or play, polo shirts can be worn so often that you can never have enough. And we have a sale to help you stock up. For every polo shirt you purchase, you'll receive one free. Men's polos, women's polos, classic pique polos, longsleeve polos, tennis polos... Just pick any two (or more!) and of course you can mix and match styles, colors, or sizes.

    Enter the code FREE-POLO at checkout to the get one for FREE. Shirts start at just $19.95. See all the shirts on sale now.

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