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  • What is Nautical Style Clothing?


    Nautical style is one of the most popular subsets of the preppy style. It includes enduring items such as cable knit sweaters, boat shoes and new takes such as anchor hoodies. Many people are under the impression that designers, at a loss for a new fashion cue, simply appropriated the style from the clothes being worn by those involved in nautical pursuits. However, the actual story is far more interesting than that.

    The term ‘preppy’ has now become quite a generic one and its original meaning is often forgotten. The ‘prep’ in ‘preppy’ refers to the university-preparatory schools in the Northeastern U.S. Wealthy families have been sending their children to these schools for well over 100 years to prepare them for what they hope will be an Ivy League tertiary education. At both the preparatory schools and Ivy League universities, there has always been a strong focus on extra-curricular activities. In addition to sports such as polo and tennis, there was (and continues to be) a heavy emphasis on watersports including sailing and rowing. Naturally, the prep school students’ wardrobes would be chock full of the clothing designed for these activities - so much so that they would take to wearing the items outside of their initially intended activities. Considering enrollment in a preparatory school or Ivy League university was considered a sign of status and social standing, it’s of no surprise that other young people adopted the style. Today, nautical style clothes are popular around the globe but still nowhere more so than New England. During the summer, residents of and families vacationing in coastal towns sport the style, taking their sailboats out on the water daily. And wealthy or not, New Englanders on a whole continue to embrace nautical style.

    So why has nautical clothing not just endured but in fact seen its popularity rise in the past few decades? Visually, of course, nautical clothing provides a streamlined style that, while relaxed, offers an air of distinction. However, a number of other factors have contributed to its longevity. The comfort of nautical style clothing is undeniable, and also easily explained by its history. The clothes were originally designed for strenuous outdoor sports and would therefore need to breathe and expel heat in the summer and protect you from the elements during harsher weather periods - while not being abrasive or chaffing on the skin. Thus we have the impossibly comfortable crew neck, V-neck and boat neck sweaters, rowing polos and shorts. Boat shoes, meanwhile, become ubiquitous as the temperature rises due to their breathability and comfort. For those very same reasons, as well as their attractive patchwork design, clothing made with lightweight madras fabric is a summer must have. Fashionable seersucker clothing adds a tendency to hold itself away from the skin and facilitate even more air circulation to its desirability. At the same time, as sporting wear, nautical wear has to be durable. From its earliest days the style featured resilient materials and excellent craftsmanship, a practice that continues to this very day.

    At Nantucket Brand Clothing Company, we love everything nautical and want to be your destination for everything nautical. You’ll find authentic nautical style clothing for both men and women from our boutique partner brands, in addition to our own collections.

    By:  Richard H

  • A History of Preppy Clothing


    Preppy clothing’s roots can be traced back to the private universities of the early 1900s in the Northeastern United States. More specifically, it was considered as a uniquely Ivy League way to dress. Those who attended Ivy League schools were usually quite affluent and had grown up with old money. As a result, this style of clothing reflected popular upper class activities in New England at the time, such as rowing, golf, polo, and sailing. Historically, the style is associated with being well-educated and having a high income, but things have changed over the years and now people from all walks of life are welcomed to enjoy these clothes.

    preppy dresses

    What is Preppy Clothing?

    Preppy clothing is exactly what you would expect to see when a group of Ivy Leaguers board a yacht on Martha's Vineyard. The look is meant to show affluence, while staying comfortable. Men who dress in preppy clothing might wear things like crew-neck sweaters, button down shirts, boat shoes, Nantucket Reds, and argyle sweaters. You might also see varsity jackets or crested blazers. Women, on the other hand, might wear grosgrain belts, seersucker or madras dresses, pearl earrings, and penny loafers.

    Making Preppy Famous

    Despite its roots going back to the early 20th century, preppy clothing didn’t become part of mainstream culture until the 1950s. Around this time, cultural icons like Grace Kelly, Steve McQueen, John F. Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Paul Newman, and Jacqueline Kennedy adopted the style. Once the style started gaining mainstream acceptance, it was no longer reserved for Ivy League graduates, as anyone could wear these clothes if they enjoyed the look.


    Modern fictional television characters like Zack Morris on “Saved By the Bell” and Carlton Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” have embraced preppy clothing and culture in the years since. Both of these characters were often mocked for their wardrobes, perhaps because of the style’s link to high society or because the characters were based in California, where preppy clothing is less prevalent.

    Brand Name Preppy Designers

    Today, preppy style is championed by large designers like Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, LL Bean, and Brooks Brothers. However, there are a number of young boutique preppy brands including Kiel James Patrick, Category 5, Smathers & Branson and of course, Nantucket Brand Clothing Company, as both a brand specializing in American-made seersucker and madras clothing, as well as a marketplace for finding new boutique preppy brands. To find the latest in boutique preppy clothing, as well as nautical decor, sign up for our email list, or browse our shop today.

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  • Prep School: Intro to Preppy Style


    So you have decided to change your style this year and go for the “preppy” look. The fashion you were sporting last year is played out, and you want a new look that matches your upwardly-mobile attitude. Are you sure you know what you are looking for?  Let's go to prep school and find out.


    What is “preppy” anyway? The term conjures images of Ivy League students, games of polo or cricket, or hanging out at the golf or yacht club. defines “preppy” as either “1. a person who is a student at or a graduate of a preparatory school or 2. a person who favors or is viewed as favoring clothing style or behavior associated with traditional preparatory schools.” (Source:

    Maybe you are not rich, not going to an Ivy League school and do not own a yacht, but you feel the style reflects your attitude.  Zero in on the key elements of this preppy style and select some that match your own.


    Preppy style invokes words like clean, classic, fresh, and educated. A quick search delivers images of clothing made of materials like tweed, seersucker, madras, corduroy and of course khaki. The color styles vary, but it is safe to stick with the classics like grey, beige, white, navy and more recently, pastels.

    Starting at the feet, boat shoes or penny loafers are the quintessential preppy shoe.  Go with the boat shoe – socks are optional and this shoe works for men or women.


    Working upward, beige khaki or navy blue slacks, corduroy slacks or smart looking jeans are standard for men. More options come into play with men’s shorts, like blue seersucker, checkered madras or more simple cotton twill shorts. Traditionally, preppy women wear skirts or dresses, often pleated, but for sportier events don slacks or something casual like a madras skirt.

    Preppy shirts are pretty easy. A classic button-down shirt, white, pastel or checkered, or a polo shirt will suffice for men or women. While talking torso coverings, you can’t forget the sweater, particularly in the fall or winter. Wool, cardigan and the legendary cashmere sweaters for women are part and parcel to the prep look.

    Casual jackets are a common accoutrement to this style, with seersucker and tweed as the preppy front runners.  Add sunglasses, a tie and maybe a cigar to show off your newly adopted preppy look and successful attitude.  Remember, preppy is as much about the attitude as it is the clothes.


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  • What Sets Our Seersucker Shorts Apart?

    The Best Seersucker Shorts?

    seersuckershorts_webOur seersucker shorts are consistently among our most popular items and we believe we make the best seersucker shorts around. This is testament both to the timeless, classic style of seersucker as a summer style, as well as the quality of our product. 

    We take everything into account when making our shorts, starting with 100% cotton seersucker fabric. Many seersucker fabrics are a cotton/poly blend, which makes them less breathable - one of seersucker's best qualities. No matter the color or print, we always make sure to use 100% cotton seersucker in our shorts.
    Continue reading

  • Caught Adrift: Seersucker

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    Searsucker Restaurant

    Brian Malarkey creates a New American Classic restaurant named after the simplicity of the seersucker fabric.

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    A question many ask is, can I wear a seersucker suit to a wedding? Check the video inside to see the answer!

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  • Gentlemen, meet your favorite new shorts

    Men's Seersucker Shorts Sale

    Seersucker shorts are a classic staple of the American man’s summer wardrobe. We grew up running (and sailing) around in seersucker and still wear it to this day. It’s breathable, cool, and perfect for warm weather.

    Although we love seersucker, we didn’t love the fit of most of the seersucker shorts available. Typically, they’re too baggy and boxy. Occasionally they’re way too short. We’ve spent the last few years perfecting the fit of our shorts are are proud to offer our Whaler Shorts: great fitting men’s shorts with attention to all the details. Order by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday April 8, 2014 and save $25 with coupon code FAVSHORTS.

    • Made in USA. These shorts were made in an American factory to ensure top quality. Plus, you’ll be proud to wear a American-made shorts.
    • 9” inseam. This length typically keeps the shorts just above your knees - exactly where they belong.
    • 100% cotton. Seersucker is often made from a poly/cotton blend, but that doesn’t work for us. We’ve made sure this fabric is 100% natural cotton to allow for maximum breathability and the softest feel.
    • Nylon zipper. More durable and less likely to break than metal zippers.
    • 2 side pockets. Angled just right to give your arm a natural position when using, but not angled enough to allow items to fall out easily.
    • White lining. We’ve chosen a lightweight, solid white 100% cotton lining for these shorts.
    • Two buttoned back pockets. Keep your wallet in place in the pocket of your choice.
    • Striped blue and white pattern. This is the most common seersucker pattern, and for good reason. It’s simple but fun, pairs well with any solid shirt, and still carries a bit of summer sophistication.

    These shorts come in two patterns: classic blue & white striped, as well as blue & white check, a slight departure from the typical seersucker pattern.

    Click below and order by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday April 8, 2014 and save $25 with coupon code FAVSHORTS.

    Blue & White Striped Seersucker Shorts Men's Blue & White Striped Seersucker Shorts. Made in USA from 100% cotton seersucker.
    Blue Gingham Check Seersucker Shorts Men's Blue Gingham Check Seersucker Shorts. 100% cotton seersucker. Made in USA.
  • What to Wear with Seersucker this Summer

    Seersucker This Summer
    Seersucker Summer ChoicesOne of the best things about summer is the wardrobe. Nantucket Island is never more beautiful and relaxing than when we’re underneath the summer sun, being rocked by the tides or the salty ocean breeze. Seersucker fabric is a lightweight summertime favorite among the nautical at heart, thanks to a unique weaving process that creates its signature “crinkled” look and airy feel. The fabric is designed to touch the skin as little as possible, leaving plenty of air to circulate and warding off heat and moisture. Continue reading

  • All About Seersucker Clothing

    Striped Seersucker Dress - Women's Seersucker ClothingOur seersucker clothing styles are among our most popular items. Although many are familiar with this classic fabric, we want to tell a little more about the fabric, it's history and how we use it as part of our 'Get to Know Us' series. Similarly, we previously posted about another one of most popular fabric: All About Madras Clothing.

    Seersucker is a style of lightweight cotton fabric with a trademark 'puckered; texture. Much like our other popular fabric, Patchwork Madras, seersucker originally comes to us from India, where the fabric derived its name from the Hindi and Urdu words “kheer aur shakkar”, meaning “milk and sugar”. This is a reference to the way the fabric bunches up – the smooth and bumpy textures of the fabric are reminiscent of the texture of milk and sugar. Another similarity between seersucker and Madras fabric is that both fabrics originated in hot climates and were intended to be cool and lightweight. The trademark bunching of seersucker fabric causes it to allow more room for the skin to breath, which facilitates air circulation and the dissipation of heat.

    When the fabric was initially introduced in the United States, it was worn almost exclusively by the poor until preppy students in the 1920’s popularized it as a mode of 'reverse snobbery.' It was especially popular in the southern United States as suits made from the fabric were still breathable enough to wear in the hot and humid weather. Seersucker fabric was so popular in fact, that the US Senate used to have Seersucker Thursdays in June, where senators would arrive in traditionally Southern style seersucker suits. The tradition was unfortunately discontinued in 2012.

    Our Seersucker Clothing

    Men's Striped Seersucker Shorts & Seersucker Clothing

    At Nantucket Brand, we take great pride in offering you only the finest from around the world. We work with 100% cotton seersucker rather than a cotton/poly blend. While the classic blue and white striped fabric is still the most popular, we work to find other color and patterns that we think you'll love. Those include other striped color like green and pink, as well as multi-colored check patterns, and even gingham check patterns. After carefully choosing our colors, we make sure test the fabric by washing it multiple times to check the shrinkage and make sure it feels just as soft, or softer, than it did pre-wash. Once we're satisfied with the fabric, we send it straight to our factory, now located in the US, for production.

    Our authentic seersucker clothing is available in a variety of styles for men and women. We have several options of men's seersucker shirts, perfect for a casual get together or dressed up with a blazer for a more formal setting. We also offer seersucker shorts for men and women, the perfect way to ensure you never lose your cool in the hot months. Ladies should also browse our selection of seersucker dresses and seersucker pants and capris, offering a casual and understated style without sacrificing comfort. Many of our seersucker items are now made in the USA, including our men's striped and check seersucker shorts and women's striped and gingham seersucker skirts.

  • Summer of Seersucker

    Summer of Seersucker

    Summer of Seersucker

    Lightweight and summery, our seersucker styles are the perfect summer staples. Our latest styles come in a variety of new colors & fits. All of our new Summer of Seersucker styles are proudly made in the USA. Shop all seersucker styles now. Or find the pictured items at the links below.

    Men's Whaler Shorts in Seersucker: Brand new, improved fit. Made in the USA and available in two seersucker fabrics.

    Women's Harbor Skirt in Seersucker. A new take on one of our favorites, our new seersucker skirts feature a cute two-button foldover top. Classic blue and white stripe seersucker. Made in USA.

  • Summer Has Arrived: New Skirts and Shorts Are Here

    Summer Has Arrived: New shorts and skirts now available

    Mad for Madras
    • Men's Whaler Shorts - Cisco Madras

      Men's Whaler Shorts

      Cisco Madras

      Brand new fit in our Whaler Shorts with less "droop" in the back!

    • Men's Whaler Shorts - Marblehead Madras

      Men's Whaler Shorts

      Marblehead Madras

      Though we don't condone whaling, our Whaler Shorts are perfect for almost every other summer activity.

    • Harbor Skirt - Madaket Madras

      Harbor Skirt

      Madaket Madras

      Our new Harbor Skirts feature an extended-tab, two-button closure.

    • Harbor Skirt - Cisco Madras

      Harbor Skirt

      Cisco Madras

      All of our madras is true patchwork madras with various madras patterns hand-sewn together

    Summer of Seersucker
    • Men's Whaler Shorts - Blue Stripe Seersucker

      Men's Whaler Shorts

      Blue Stripe Seersucker

      Classic, lightweight blue and white stripe seersucker.

    • Men's Whaler Shorts - Blue Check Seersucker

      Men's Whaler Shorts

      Blue Check Seersucker

      All our new products are made right here in America!

    • Harbor Skirt - Blue Check Seersucker

      Harbor Skirt

      Blue Check Seersucker

      A unique, gingham pattern in seersucker. See the product page for closeups.

    Buttoned Up & Anchored Down
    • Harbor Skirt - Navy Twill with White Anchors

      Harbor Skirt

      Navy Twill with White Anchors

      Anchor print makes for a great nautical look

    Oxford Red Reinvented
    • Men's Whaler Shorts - Red Oxford

      Men's Whaler Shorts

      Red Oxford

      The latest addition to our "Faded Red" style

    • Harbor Skirt - Red Oxford

      Harbor Skirt

      Red Oxford

      Our red-oxford skirts and shorts features a distressed look to the fabric

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