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  • Prep School: Intro to Preppy Style


    So you have decided to change your style this year and go for the “preppy” look. The fashion you were sporting last year is played out, and you want a new look that matches your upwardly-mobile attitude. Are you sure you know what you are looking for?  Let's go to prep school and find out.


    What is “preppy” anyway? The term conjures images of Ivy League students, games of polo or cricket, or hanging out at the golf or yacht club. defines “preppy” as either “1. a person who is a student at or a graduate of a preparatory school or 2. a person who favors or is viewed as favoring clothing style or behavior associated with traditional preparatory schools.” (Source:

    Maybe you are not rich, not going to an Ivy League school and do not own a yacht, but you feel the style reflects your attitude.  Zero in on the key elements of this preppy style and select some that match your own.


    Preppy style invokes words like clean, classic, fresh, and educated. A quick search delivers images of clothing made of materials like tweed, seersucker, madras, corduroy and of course khaki. The color styles vary, but it is safe to stick with the classics like grey, beige, white, navy and more recently, pastels.

    Starting at the feet, boat shoes or penny loafers are the quintessential preppy shoe.  Go with the boat shoe – socks are optional and this shoe works for men or women.


    Working upward, beige khaki or navy blue slacks, corduroy slacks or smart looking jeans are standard for men. More options come into play with men’s shorts, like blue seersucker, checkered madras or more simple cotton twill shorts. Traditionally, preppy women wear skirts or dresses, often pleated, but for sportier events don slacks or something casual like a madras skirt.

    Preppy shirts are pretty easy. A classic button-down shirt, white, pastel or checkered, or a polo shirt will suffice for men or women. While talking torso coverings, you can’t forget the sweater, particularly in the fall or winter. Wool, cardigan and the legendary cashmere sweaters for women are part and parcel to the prep look.

    Casual jackets are a common accoutrement to this style, with seersucker and tweed as the preppy front runners.  Add sunglasses, a tie and maybe a cigar to show off your newly adopted preppy look and successful attitude.  Remember, preppy is as much about the attitude as it is the clothes.


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  • Sweater Weather: Prep for Cooler Weather with 20% Off Sweaters

    Sweater Weather: Prep for Cooler Weather with 20% Off Sweaters

    Sweater Weather Sale

    Cooler weather is just around the corner. Prep yourself and save 20% this weekend only on all men's and women's sweaters and hoodies. Enter code SWEATERWEATHER to apply discount. Expires Sunday, September 15, 11:59pm EST. Check out a few of our favorites below.

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    Preppy Sweaters for men and women

    Men's Shimmo Shawl. This soft terry fleece pullover features wooden button and is made for layering. Available in navy and gray. Made in USA.

    Men's Half-Zip Sweater. Soft pima cotton pullove sweater with a half-zipper. Another one that's perfect for layering. This sweater is availalbe in navy and ivory.

    Men's Cotton Cable Knit Sweater. (In photo above) Men's style blog, BuffaloDandy, recently said this sweater makes the "perfect layering sweater for early Fall" and declared it Dandy-Endorsed. 

    Women's Dockside Hoodie. Get anchored down with this soft terry cotton hoodie. Featuring  a heathered look, this hoodie is available in Navy and Green. Made in USA.

    Women's Cotton Cable Knit V-Neck. (In photo above) A prep staple, this sweater is one of our favorites for layering or wearing on its own. Available in navy, white, pink, green, and more.

    Women's Cable Knit Hoodie. This soft, Pima cotton hoodie sweater features two zippers to give versatile layering options. Features two pockets. Available in navy and white.

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  • Half off Women's V-Neck Sweater

    Half off women's V-Neck Sweaters

    This weekend only, save 50% on our women's V-neck cableknit sweaters. Made from 100% soft Pima cotton, this sweater is available in 6 colors. Buy it today for only $44.50.

  • Daily Deal: Women's 100% Cashmere V-Neck Sweater for $99

    Women's Cashmere V-Neck SweaterPink Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

    Today's December Daily Deal is our Women's V-Neck Cashmere Sweater. This sweater is made from 100% cashmere and is amazingly soft. Features detailed stitiching on the sholders. Available in pink and gold. Regularly $169, but get it today for just $99. And don't worry, you can still get it in time for Christmas with standard shipping.

  • Half off Men's Pima Cotton Zip-Neck Sweater

    Men's Pima Cotton Zip Neck SweaterToday's December Daily Deal brings you our Men's Pima Cotton Zip Neck Sweater. This sweater is extremely soft and comfortable. (So comfortable that I have to admit to wearing one 3 times a week.) It features a half length YKK zipper in the front and fine detailed stiching at the shoulders (check the product page for closeups). It looks great over a polo, a t-shirt, or a button down.

    Available in navy, ivory, and gray. Get one today for 50% off.

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  • Today's Deal: Save $50 on Women's Zip Cable Hooded Sweater

    Women's Hooded Cable Knit Sweater

    Save $50 today on our Women's Cable Knit Hooded Sweater. Features 2 side pockets, a full length zipper and hood. Contrast tipping on cuffs. Available in both navy and white. Regularly $98. Buy it today for $48.

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