Thanksgiving and Holiday Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great time for hosting friends and family at your home. If you are then be sure to check out the post on sprucing up your entryway. Besides the entryway, you might be thinking about what to use for Thanksgiving and holiday decor. You probably have a lot of traditional items you use however even traditional decorations need a boost. Here are some ideas for using candles, pillows, and non-traditional holiday decor for Thanksgiving and other holiday events.

Using Candles with Large Glass Vases

You want to have essential things like candles to add sparkle all around in addition to a small hooked rug with french horns and holly. Candles and large glass vases go well together as accent pieces. Instead of just going with the same old candle in a vase, what about spicing up the inside to include other accents including seashells, starfish, and more. Here are some inspirations using candles and large glass vases. You can find a good selection of candles from our Emporium and large glass vases from Amazon and other similar places.

Thanksgiving and Holiday Decor Using Pillows

Everyone has their favorite couch pillows. You may already have pillows for the holidays but if you don’t here are some pillows you could use or to add to your existing collection. Some people like to use strategically placed pillows around the room. Consider adding something like this santa pillow with "Dear Santa, Define 'Good'" or this santa pillow with "Santa Called-He Needs Directions." You are sure to get a smile and maybe a short conversation or laugh. Sometimes it is fun to add a few smaller elements that make people smile because in the end that is what the holidays are all about, right?

Dear Santa PillowRooster Pillow for Thanksgiving Decor

Using Non-Traditional Decor

Sometimes having well placed out of season decor works nicely. Some like to add a bit of historical charm to their holidays. Why not have a well placed vintage model car or fire engine or maybe even a Copper Sailfish. These are items you could consider placing in the entryway or at strategic points around the room.

Vintage Model Car Santa Coin Bank

Whatever your choice of decoration hopefully they enhance your holiday cheer this year! Be sure to check out our Holiday Decor Pinterest board for ongoing ideas and updates for the Holidays!

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