What to Wear with Seersucker this Summer

Seersucker This Summer Seersucker Summer ChoicesOne of the best things about summer is the wardrobe. Nantucket Island is never more beautiful and relaxing than when we’re underneath the summer sun, being rocked by the tides or the salty ocean breeze. Seersucker fabric is a lightweight summertime favorite among the nautical at heart, thanks to a unique weaving process that creates its signature “crinkled” look and airy feel. The fabric is designed to touch the skin as little as possible, leaving plenty of air to circulate and warding off heat and moisture.

Seersucker Summer Fashion

Wondering what to wear with seersucker clothes? Well, it’s a versatile choice for more than just its breathable design; it comes in muted shades that pair well with the season’s vibrant, warm color palette. Seersucker's sophisticated pin-thin blue stripes are iconic in their own right, and sometimes simple is best, but the right accessories can bring your whole look to life.

Women can channel the spirit of seaside life by accessorizing with anchor bracelets, sea grass sandals, or drift knot earrings. Meanwhile, men can express themselves with a variety of needlepoint belts and weathered hats in bold colors that balance out those airy shorts and shirts. We recommend a few comfortable wardrobe staples for your seersucker clothes; all you need this summer is a splash of color and some authentic details, to make it look like you never stopped unwinding in the first place.

Men’s Seersucker Shorts

Men's Seersucker ShortsOur seersucker whaler shorts are available in a solid blue, blue stripe, or blue check pattern. They’re designed to fit snugly and comfortably -- making them perfect for everything from sailing to putting – but aren’t complete without a complementary belt. Bring out their muted, pale blue tones with needlepoint belts from Smathers & Branson or Knot. These thin, versatile summertime staples are available with a wide variety of intricate designs, including icons that range from the nautical to the naughty.

Hold up your shorts with a belt that’s full of bow ties, dog breeds, holidays, flasks , fish, state flags, mint julep ingredients, or even flying pigs; self-expression is in style this summer, with tiny pictures on everything from hand-stitched belts to weathered hats and key fobs. Of course, classic leather Kiel James Patrick belts are always a wise investment, especially if your carefree days tend to drift into more upscale nights.

Pair blue check whaler shorts with a short-sleeved Perry Ellis linen shirt; choose it in Mykonos blue to match the nautical color scheme, or mix it up with one of the season's hottest shades, a bold red clay. The shirtmakers at Henley & Sloan also offer a blue end-on-end shirt with Mother of Pearl buttons in a nuanced periwinkle pattern, which would complement our blue stripe shorts without blending in. And if your legs are going to be showing anyway, try Austen Heller navy chathams with bright green stitching and soles; the bold, maritime color scheme will work with almost any seersucker ensemble.

Men’s Seersucker Shirts

Men's Seersucker ShirtsErnest Alexander’s spring menswear collection this year at New York Fashion Week was inspired by summertime lounging and traveling. His runway show was full of shorts-and-long-sleeves outfits that popped with bright moments of warm colors, such as pink and orange, which remind us of sunrises and mimosas. We don’t need to consult high fashion to get dressed this year; we already live in a world that color, with water that’s never the same shade of blue – just like gradient vertical stripes on our long-sleeved, button-down sport shirt .

Choose shorts or pants that will bring out the deep ocean blues in that multi-color shirt. Ralph Lauren's lightweight chino pants, available in a bright "vacation blue", complement the shirt both in texture and shade, while Hurley chino shorts do the same in a stunning ultramarine blue shade, with a versatile fit and exclusive, moisture-resistant fibers.

Our short-sleeved peach shirt puts your arms back in the sun, where you can accessorize them with simple, unexpected details like the tailored Kiel James Patrick Highsea Atlantic watch strap. The classic, navy blue strap is peppered with brass eyelets and tiny maritime symbols, including white anchors and signal flags; it even sneaks in some luxury with fabric from actual suiting materials and tie silk.

Distinguished belts burst with rich shades of blue and red, to bring out the pale blues and peaches of our men’s wardrobe choices; the S&B patchwork gingham needlepoint belt offers crisscrossing grids of brilliant ocean blue, while the hand-stitched Parsons Stripe has a dyed rainbow of diagonal leather stripes. Finally, Eliza B. has some choice new footwear that can loosen up your long-sleeved shirt; try the rubber-soled red washed canvas sandals or the more hardy, leather-soled navy and khaki-striped surcingle sandals.

Women’s Seersucker Shorts & Skirts

Seersucker SkirtsWomen can get away with more variety in their seersucker wardrobe. We all have favorite skirts or shorts that work for pretty much any occasion, depending what they’re paired with. Seersucker bottoms are just as versatile as jeans, and much more weather-friendly to boot. Even if you don’t get to spend the year’s warmest months on vacation, you can rely on the cooling benefits of seersucker while using its unique look to create the perfect outfit.

Tuck a plain white tee into our form-fitting blue check harbor skirt for a very simple, streamlined effect that works for downtown strolls and formal brunches alike. Or to really stand out, opt for the Point Marina in light green from Kiel James Patrick; and if you’re worried about looking authentic on the dock, it’s dotted with maritime signal flags and threaded with real Mother of Pearl buttons. Try layering it over a pastel camisole; the brighter the better!

On more active days, you can choose from blue-and-white striped Bermuda shorts or shorter, more casual green shorts. Add a striking touch of class with Ocean's Link bracelets in brass, gold, or silver, or the KJP Summering Nantucket bowtie bracelet in deep, shimmering navy with embroidered white anchors.

Women’s Seersucker Pants & Capris

Seersucker CaprisSeersucker pants, like our form-fitting green capris, take on a whole new dimension -- as do your calves -- with the addition of kitten heels and a delicate top, such as a pintucked front shell blouse with a youthful georgette front panel. And Kiel James Patrick carries a line of anchor bracelets, each composed of twisted nautical cord with small gold anchors, which bring out the classy but casual vibes of your pants; you can even wear a s ailor knot with their American Legacy bracelet.

Whether you're wearing our beachy blue pants or just a bikini, you can still carry the Kiel James Patrick Mashpee Harbor bag with real mahogany handles. There's a life preserver front and center on this striped canvas bag, which has enough room for your paperback and your tablet alike. And e ven your dog can match your loose, full-length pink pants on mid-afternoon walks, wearing the Smathers & Branson pink Jolly Roger dog collar.

Seersucker Dresses

Seersucker DressesThe beauty of a seersucker dress is in its effortlessness; you only have to pack one piece per summer afternoon. Simple in both design and style, the right seersucker dress can do double duty as a more formal sundress too. Just don't weigh it down by over-accessorizing! Simple is best; let the lines of the dress speak for themselves.

Our pink, cotton-lined strapless dress is the perfect opportunity to showcase the hand-colored glass stones in Loren Hope’s blythe necklace, which are a deep and striking shade of pink-coral. And our blue seersucker shift dress goes from loose-fitting to curve-accentuating when it's cinched with a neon belt or sailor's rope.

Last but not least, complete your warm weather wardrobe with a few pairs of Eliza B. sea grass and cork wedge sandals. The sesame cork wedge sandal is a perfectly neutral combination of sandy tones, but the woven grass straps also come in a mossy green to continue an earth-tone theme throughout all of our aquatic ensembles.

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