Wood Carved Nautical Charts

Wood Carving Cape Cod

The waters of the sea are rolling hills of fluid motion hiding all that goes below. Unlike land which displays its’ smaller caves and crevices, the sea shelters the many canyons and hillsides living under it’s waters. A sailor needs to know what lies below and nautical charts help with this but most are flat renditions. A bathymetric chart is the underwater equivalent of a topographic map and is the basis for The Emporium of Nantucket’s wood carved nautical charts. These 3D wooden charts reveal what the sea has hidden.

Precision Wood Carved Nautical Charts

The contours are laser-cut into sheets of Baltic birch and placed together to create a powerful visual depth of landscape poetry. Up close their 3-D rendition of the underwater landscape is something most don’t get to see.

When looking at a regular nautical chart you have numbers that provide depth information while the eye is left to a flatter portrait of this dynamic underwater landscape. Divers witness this landscape up close and personal. But not everyone is a diver.

These nautical wood charts give those who sail the waters of a particular area a way to display with pride what they know and love. All of these charts are stunning works of art. Some of our favorites include Nantucket, Cape Cod and Islands, San Francisco & Bay Area, and Martha’s Vineyard.

Each of these areas have their own distinctive landscape not usually seen and appreciated because of the waters above. When you know these landscapes you may instantly appreciate these wood chart renditions. For those looking at these as a gift for someone or maybe for the first time, below are images and video of the Cape Cod and Island wood chart to use an example of the detail and beauty these 3D wood carved nautical charts hold.

 Wood Carved Nautical Chart of Marthas Vineyard Wood Carved Nautical Chart of Nantucket Wood Carved Nautical Chart of Nantucket Sound
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