Unique Gifts

We are always on the lookout for unique gifts. They are the type of gifts that are well made, with lots of character, and that you know will have a special place for who you give it to. Sure you might have someone you know who likes dice and plays several different types of games with them but you can’t just get them any old set of dice. Instead you go for a Five Wood Dice Set with Box or Wooden Dice with nautical themed round box. These types of gifts are used and well remembered. That’s what we have done in the unique gifts section is collected games, vintage cars and trucks, alongside some unique balance toys. We update each of these sections as we find new unique gifts so if you don’t find something the first time check back. You can also sign up for our newsletter and get updates on new items as they become available. Other sections such as nautical accents, holiday decorations, and artwork may also have the perfect gift for the nautically inclined.