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As you rinse your sticky hands under the faucet - you promised days ago that you would make your famous spiked lemonade for the party this afternoon - you begin to daydream as you peer out the kitchen window. Before you can even get the lemon pulp out from under your fingernails, you're thinking back to a simpler time of life, to those early days of childhood when the only thing you had to worry about was getting home by dark. Back then, the thing you looked most forward to was a morning at the beach, trying your best to build sky-high sandcastles before the crowds arrived...running to and from the water's edge in the always-unsuccessful attempt to only wet your feet. Sometimes you would stroll the coast with mom to gather shells... other days, dad took pride in teaching you the finer points on how to dig for crabs. The air was sweet, the breeze warm... The lemon pulp is gone, and your focus returns to the pitcher of cocktails before you. As you dry your hands you wonder what it was that even brought that memory to mind. Oh, of course. The Crabs Kitchen Towel. Crafted from 100% cotton with an absorbent waffle texture in neutral white with a beautifully embroidered red crab motif. Measures 18" x 27"

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Size 18 wide x 27 long
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