Some have a natural sense of direction, the rest of us use a compass and map. Navigation via compass is both a science and art. When you don’t have a compass on the water, using a sextant and celestial navigation works just as well. If you have ever watched the movie White Squall then you know when their compass was intentionally busted when the captain, played by Jeff Bridges, said, “A real sailor only needs the stars to navigate.” The compass has played a huge part in maritime history and continues to be a symbol that reaches into the hearts of many. Nautical compass selections from The Emporium of Nantucket include many different styles. Some of our favorites include the Gimbaled Drum Compass, Drum Compass with Cover, and the Brass Compass with Aged Box. Regardless of which one you choose for your room or as a gift for the nautically inclined, they each will provide years of enjoyment.