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Brass Telescope | Vintage Binoculars

The first patent for a telescope was described as an instrument “for seeing things far away as if they were nearby.” Of course, this loose description also applies to binoculars and other lenses. The telescope has come a long way since then but the classic outer design and love for bringing the world from far away close in remains the same. The night sky especially remains a source of magic and awe that beckons our eyes upwards in the hopes of catching a shooting star or glimpse of the milky way. From our smaller desk telescope to our larger 60 inch telescope, each piece from the Emporium of Nantucket’s collection has a historic aura carried down from the original telescopes of old. Maybe it is the polished brass finish, antique looking stands, or the arches and caps. Either way they add a certain charm to any room becoming the centerpiece and pride to those who have or gift them. Other nautical pieces that add to the charm of the telescope include our compass collection, nautical clocks, and sextants.