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More About Nautical Artwork & Wall Decor

From highly detailed, engraved nautical charts to simple and rustic burlap prints, nautical artwork comes in a variety of forms and designs. Framed burlap prints from Fiber & Water have a rustic, endearing quality that blends perfectly into a casual, comfortable room while hand painted signs made from reclaimed lumber add a touch of vintage-inspired beauty to any home, office, ski cabin, or vacation cottage. Our nautical charts are one of our most eye-catching examples of nautical artwork, and they have an incredibly detailed design made from layers upon layers of wood that represents the natural topography of the featured land mass and waterway. Hang one or more pieces of nautical artwork in your home or office to reflect your coastal style and bring a bit of the beauty of the outdoors inside where it can be enjoyed and admired year-round. Our artwork is inspired by our nautical heritage but adds rustic charm and casual elegance to any home on any coast.