Wood Engraved Nautical Charts

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our engraved nautical charts are sure to become a focal point and a conversation starter in any home or office. Designed with the help of a professional cartographer, these nautical charts are detailed with an incredible level of accuracy, indicating the depths of the waterways, the precise shape and curvature of each coastline, and topography labels that distinguish the beaches, marshes, parks, and other land areas. To craft these charts, the artists translate a bathymetric chart into a digital file and then laser etch multiple layers out of Baltic Birch wood to convey the precise depths and dimensions required. Each layer is mounted and glued together, stained to distinguish water from land, framed in wood, and covered with transparent Plexiglass. The depths shown are an accurate representation of the location at hand, and the ultimate product is an exemplary expression of nautical artwork at its finest.