Wax Candles | Colonial Candle

Did you know burning candles was once used as a way to keep track of time? The time keeping candles were engraved with evenly spaced marks representing a unit of time like an hour. In fact, some candle clocks had nails that dropped down into a pan below when a specific time had passed. It was also a common practice to periodically trim the wick to prevent smoking but most candles are now constructed so the wick curves over and burns as a self-trimming feature.

The Emporium of Nantucket’s collection of wax candles come in various sizes, colors, and scented or unscented to be suitable for any occasion. Many go well with our collection of kitchen accessories for when you are entertaining or they could be used with holiday decorations. Although there are many other lighting choices such as nautical lamps or oil lanterns, some really enjoy purposefully only using candles to create a mood.