Light Blue Shell Quilted Placemat

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How interesting it was, on that third trip to London, when you decided to take the afternoon to attend an etiquette class. In the states, the art of table manners has seemingly fallen by the wayside, but across the pond, it seems a must to know exactly how to hold and maneuver your soup spoon, how to make certain that you never, ever offend your host, and to remember that no matter how incredible the sticky toffee pudding may be, it is proper to finish one small bite before moving on to the next. When you arrived at the finishing school near Victoria Station, you immediately felt like a tourist. You had always taken pride in your ability to blend in with the local culture, wherever you might be, but for some reason, this particular day, you felt out of sorts. Perhaps it was your awareness that the Queen herself was less than a mile away, presumably sipping tea in Buckingham Palace. Your host for the day, Miss Eleanor, gave you, and the rest of the mostly American tour group, the once-over before guiding you to sit at a beautifully set table - a perfectly set table - the kind of table that wows a guest before they even take their seat. It was at that moment that you had to admit the obvious - you were not quite the host or guest that you imagined yourself to be. Back home, years later, as you set the dinner table for a small gathering of out-of-town guests, you can't help but think of Miss Eleanor, and you know she would be pleased at how you've set the stage for this less-than-royal, but still important, celebration. Light Blue Shell Quilted Placemat. Measures 14" x 20" with a scalloped seashell design. Machine quilted in 100% cotton with an easy-to-coordinate light blue hue.

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