Lobster Bottle Opener

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and some from as far away as Washington DC, to join you near your summer home on the beach in Nantucket. Not wanting to do the cooking, cleaning, serving, or heavy lifting yourself, you hired the best caterer on the island and chose a menu fit for a king - a lobster bake that started with homemade clam chowder and culminated in decadent portions of farm fresh corn, roasted potatoes and, of course, fresh caught lobster served with warm, melted butter.

You and your husband took your seats near the head of the table as guests arrived on the beach, all wowed by the warm, welcoming appeal of the whitewashed picnic tables adorned with traditional blue and white striped linens. The caterer suggested making it a BYOB event, so guests arrived considerately with bottles of wine, coolers of beer, and pitchers of cocktails made especially for you to enjoy.

Midway through the meal, when the wine was starting to make you feel woozy, you asked your sister to pass you one of her home-brewed craft beers. At that moment, the fizz and foam of a pale ale seemed to be the perfect complement to the steamed mussels before you, and as she tossed you a bottle opener to pop the top, you couldn't help but smile, realizing that you weren't the only one in the family who paid strict attention to even the littlest details.

Lobster Bottle Opener, made from cast iron in the shape of a lobster with a rustic red finish. Handheld size measures 5.5" long and 2" wide

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Size 5.5 x 2 inches
Brand Moby Dick


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