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Men - Shirts

Classic Nantucket Brand shirts include men’s polos, button downs, and men’s t-shirts for every occasion. Feel stylish and confident in any occasion with choices from classic striped navy polos to white oxford button downs. Of course you will need a good pair of men’s pants and a men’s belt to go with that but we have got you covered on both fronts! Looking for true Nantucket style? Try our madras, seersucker, or red clothing and bring a bit of Nantucket and summer charm back home with you. Or mix and match some of the classic styles on this page with our featured clothing picks. As always feel free to give us a shout, let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hi!

Polo Shirts

Men's polo shirts by Nantucket Band including classic pique, striped, athletic and more direct from Nantucket Island, MA!

Button Down Shirts

Men's button down shirts by Nantucket Brand including classic oxford shirts, linen, patterned sport shirts, and more direct from Nantucket Island, MA!


Men's t-shirts by Nantucket Brand including shortsleeve, longsleeve tees embroidered with whale and compass logo direct from Nantucket Island, MA!