Revenge Model Ship

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Avast! Grab your eye-patch, peg leg and parrot and set sail with the wooden Revenge Model Ship. This legendary pirate vessel captained by none other than the notorious Blackbeard himself has a long and fascinating history. It has changed owners many times and its next owner could be you. Originally the British's Concord, the ship was then captured by the French. From there, it fell into the hands of the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold through unscrupulous means. Hornigold gave command of the Revenge to Blackbeard who promptly renamed the ship Queen Anne's Revenge. For the next year, the Revenge became infamous in the Caribbean after repeatedly attacking British, Dutch and Portuguese merchant ships. The wooden replica Revenge Model Ship is 12.5" tall, 12.5" long and 2" wide. Three masts with real canvas sails baring skull and crossbones tower above the superbly crafted blue and oak hull. Each side of the ship has rows of cannons to replicate the fierce look this vessel must have had in the eyes of the merchant vessels Blackbeard attacked. Comes with a wooden stand with 'Revenge' imprinted.

Details & Size

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Size 12.5 H X 12.5 L X 2.5W
Brand Moby Dick


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