Small Lobster Boat Model

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The Small Lobster Boat Model is a replica that pays a great tribute to the American lobster fishing industry. This model boat is ripe with details and even includes lobster crates on board - the most important tool for fisherman hunting the Homarus or American lobster. The lobster industry as it known today didn't begin until the second half of the 19th century. Gasoline powered boats like the one replicated by the Small Lobster Boat Model quickly replaced the sailing lobster crafts. The wooden Small Lobster Boat Model measures just 6" tall, 14" long and 5" wide. Weighing only 2 lbs, it is light enough to place on a floating shelf, small enough to fit on the corner of your desk and detailed enough to draw attention. Moby Dick model ships make great conversation starters. Each one is a direct copy of a real vessel, meaning each model ship can tell the story and history of their real-life counterparts. Every model ship is built with an artisan level of craftsmanship that pays homage to the shipbuilding industry.

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Size 6H x 14L x 5W
Brand Moby Dick


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