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Featured Styles

Featured Styles

Nantucket Brand features a variety of madras clothing, seersucker clothing, and faded red clothing. These styles are always among our customers' favorites. We offer styles for men, women, and girls.

What We're Wearing Now

Need help with what to wear right now? Click to see what our crewmembers wearing this season to help with your preppy style this season.

Madras Clothing

True patchwork madras clothing for men and women from Nantucket Brand. Hand-sewn in true Nantucket madras style.

Red Clothing

Nantucket Brand faded red clothing, not pink, not peach, famous Nantucket red style better with every wash.

Seersucker Clothing

Coveted seersucker clothing by Nantucket Brand. Seersucker clothes in true Nantucket style. Find exactly the right shorts, skirts, shirts, dresses, blazers, and more!