Featured Styles / Madras Clothing

Featured Styles - Madras Clothing

Madras clothes have distinctly bright colors perfectly aligned with summer fashion. The bold plaid designs make a statement while the lightness of the fabric allows the wearer to stay cool in hot weather. The fabric gained popularity with the preppy crowd and Ivy League set in the 1950s and 1960s. From there, it spread to country clubs and summer resorts. Today madras is almost synonymous with images of summer: relaxed, colorful, and comfortable.

Try stepping out in style while staying cool with women’s madras dresses, madras skirts, women’s madras shorts or stay warm and stylish with madras hoodies or madras pants. Buy with confidence knowing that Nantucket Brand’s madras fabric is sourced direct from India, where they still make the best madras fabric in the world. For each madras pattern, we find 3-4 fabrics we love, cut it into small pieces, and then each piece is sewn back together to make new rolls of fabric. You can be assured of the highest quality, with most of our madras clothing made in the U.S.