Nantucket Hats

We love the ease and the comfort of a classic baseball cap, and we love the way the perfect hat can so easily complete a look. Designed for men and women alike, our Nantucket hats have a great fit and classic preppy styling with gently curved and rounded brims, panelled construction, and adjustable closures that make our one size fits all shape comfortable to wear on any head.

Available in solid colors with our signature logos and two-tone designs with contrast trim, our Nantucket baseball caps have a relaxed fit and softly structured construction that makes them a stylish addition to any casual outfit. Wear our Nantucket hats to shield the sun from your eyes when you're on your boat or on the beach, when you're taking a bike ride along the coast, when you're sightseeing or enjoying the view from the coast, or when you're hanging out and relaxing at a casual party with family and friends.