Make your home stand out from all the other homes in the neighborhood with an eye-catching nautical weathervane from Nantucket Brand. The Nantucket Brand weathervane collection consists of polished brass designs shaped like lobsters, whales, boats, and other nautical elements. Each weathervane is beautifully crafted with extreme attention to detail and can be easily assembled on top of your roof or in your garden. The perfect rooftop decoration for a summer house or a coastal home near by beach, our weathervanes add instant distinction to any home or garden. Each one includes north, south, east, and west directionals, copper spacer balls, and a mounting rod that can be attached to a roof mount or a garden mount (mounts are sold separately). Fisherman, sailors, and boaters can choose from schooner, sloop, and sailboat designs to perfectly reflect their love for the water and add personality to their home or garden.


Our nautical weathervanes for sale are perfect for the homeowner looking to add a unique touch to blossoming flower garden, a garage roof, or a main roof (with a weathervane roof mount).